Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Symbiotic Connections

I had an exciting morning. My first ever commercial. I was the "Coupon Lady" in a Glacier Bank commercial for our local area. It was absolutely fascinating to see all the work that went into the production. The camera moved so many times for different shots and reactions that I lost count in the first half hour of a 3 hour shoot.

The director worried that the blue light from the outside shining into the store would overwhelm the shots. So a young man ran around with a silver discus that looked more like a pool toy. He'd hold it up to block too much light.

Several others moved light bars, products, and even me. The director needed natural movement as he did a close up on the checker's reaction at the cash register. So he closed in on her and swayed me back and forth to some metronome in his head. My shoulder peeked in and out of the frame. I'm so interested to see the whole picture.

I have no idea how this will ever work into my writing or if any part of it will, but it is the little experiences like this that make life interesting and authentic. Try something new and interact with new relationships. I think life is about the relationships we have the opportunity to create. The little things that happen that we don't know will lead to other things. The connections. The tiny things that move around us to make our "whole picture" that go unnoticed.

Sometimes we reshot a quick moment because hair fell over my eyes or someone's tattoo showed when it shouldn't. Sometimes it was to get a better expression or a new angle on the same spot.

Seeing something you are used to through a new person's eyes is remarkable. Like my exchange son's first view of our grocery stores, my eyes took in all the details and commotion with awe. Big round saucer awe. I watched everything in fascination. Things popped out on the screen that I would have never noticed like the computer brand or the magazine that dated the scene.

But the director knew what to look for and where it was all going. The scenes were even shot out of order. Now I've heard of this, understood it, but being there while it happens...totally different. I was surprised at all the people it took to film a very short piece. It drove home the idea that no one is a self-made success. It took so many people! All the disjointed shots will be pulled together into a mini-story that lasts less than a minute.

Do I think this will lead to Hollywood? LOL, NO! But I do think I made some new friends today. I think that each one is a new knot in my net of friends and I hope I am a knot holding their nets together too. Symbiotic.

God Uses Broken Vessels


  1. Making commercials is a fun and great experience. One of my internships in college was at a local TV station. We shot a commercial for carpets. I got to do voice overs, I learned to operate a live camera during a religion show, and operated the master control.

    I'm currently working on my first book trailer for my WIP. I'm hoping my experience in editing video footage may come in handy. I'm sure there will be some room for you to use what you're learning in your writing.

  2. How cool, Angie!! I've never seen the filming of a commercial. Although now that I think about it, I saw a bit of the filming of In the Heat of the Night--the old weekly TV show. We used to live in Covington, GA, where they filmed the series. And they used the library as the court house. More than once we left the library as they were setting up to film. :)

    I bet it really is amazing to see the whole filming of something. And to take part! How fun.


  3. Ang,
    Sounds like fun. And a lot of hard work. Glad you got to be a part of it.