Friday, June 6, 2008

Writing Retreat!

I'm excited to post that I am headed to a writing retreat with my critique partners this weekend. This will be our first retreat and one of the girls has been gracious enough to open up her lake home to us. She says it is a place of creativity for her, so I hope it will be for all of us.

There are just a few goals I want to accomplish from Friday to Sunday.

1) Write
2) Write
3) Brainstorm Historical/outline/synopsis
4) Finish working draft of current, never ending, contemporary WIP
5) Write
6) Write
7) Sleep, with only the least amount I can reasonably survive.

I want to wake early, read a devotion, and write the rest of the day.

I know this time will need to be shared with my critique partners, but I really pray that I will be inspired and that the flame that seemed to dim on my WIP will be rekindled.

I'll let you all know how things went next week!

Until then, share some of your good (and bad, if any) experiences on writing retreats.
And those of you that aren't writers, what retreats have you been on that you were inspired and came back changed, for the better?


  1. Oh Christy, I'm so excited for you. And I could "hear" the excitement in your "voice" as I read your post. I love writer's retreats. Twice a year I take ladies from my crit group to our ranch for retreats. Sometimes I get lots of writing done, other times I've just needed to sort through things, do some brainstorming, and get a better handle on motivations or conflict. Whatever the case, it's a time to focus solely on writing without any interruptions.

  2. Christy,

    have a great, inspiring time. I'll pray that the flame be rekindled and your creativity will fly.
    (Remember Cinderella!!)

    Let us know how it went.

  3. Christy, your weekend sounds wonderful!!! I hope you get so much done!!

    We have a group that has gone on a beach retreat twice and they have been wonderfully productive for me! I hope yours goes as well.