Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Deadline Pressure

Another author mentioned she had her first ever deadlines. It was both scary and exciting.

I have to say this is very true. Although my deadline is about revamping a proposal for Insanity Rules-a non-fiction book.

I have less than one week to make some changes that will allow a doctor to contribute and make it logical.

I have less than two weeks (because I agreed to it) to revamp the first few chapters of the manuscript.

I'm excited because this will really give Insanity Rules a leap off into opportunity. It gives me the chance to follow through with something I believe in so strongly.

But it is scary because there is always the chance of failure.

You know what I've learned about failure?

That I learn from it:-) And sometimes the result is better than if it would have succeeded the first time around.

So with a pounding heart, I leap into the unknown in order to bring about my dream of reaching out to other families that have to cope with the pain of mental illness.

With contributions and endorsement from Dr. Walter (Willy) L. Kemp, I'm feeling very empowered to keep going.

Whew! Face forward, butt in chair, don't look over my shoulder. The point is to keep going until the finish line!

Do you have a dream that is both scary and exciting?

PS Visit me over at God Uses Broken Vessels and check out my posts on schizophrenia for more about Insanity Rules.

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  1. Angie, that's great news about the doctor who'll contribute!! Wow!