Friday, July 18, 2008

Don't expect much...

... from me this morning. I've been working full time and then Vacation Bible School for three hours after work. I'm worn slap out to say the least. But I'm excited about VBS. We've had 11-13 children in our class every night. I think we've got the biggest class. I definitely think the 3s and 4s are the wildest and last night was a full moon on top of that!

I'm excited to be a part of it and I'm trying to pray about a decision to teach Sunday School next year. If I teach, it will be for the 2s and 3s. The same class I've helped with all year around.

Notice I said I'm "trying" to pray. I am, but mostly I'm not doing much talking to God at all. All I do feel are these little nudges all week that I enjoy helping these little ones to learn about the Bible. I think that's a miracle in itself considering they don't listen half the time!

Are these nudges I'm feeling God telling me I should continue down this path?

I suppose that's only for me and God to know. And no one else can answer that for me.

I worry about sacrificing time away from my family, but if I wasn't going to church every Sunday because of my responsibility, where would we be? Too tired to go to church because we worked every day that week? Where are my priorities? Where should my priorities be?

I know the answer to that.

Have you ever struggled with a decision? Ever had trouble talking to God about it? Did He answer you anyway?


  1. Sometimes I think we're afraid to talk to God because we know we're not gonna like the answer. In other words, we already know the answer, we're just trying to ignore it. But our wonderful God can use ALL things for His glory :-)

  2. LOL, Mindy. So true.

    Christy, it is a hard decision when it involves such a commitment! Would Downey be in your class? That would be fun! :)

    I remember doing VBS with 3 and 4 year olds. I was sooo tired that week. So I totally understand. Hang in there. It's something they'll probably remember all their lives. (I still remember going when I was very little.)


  3. I'm in that place this week! I'm calling it my refocus and reconfigure time:-) I've pretty much put my office back together and cleaned a little around the house just to feel back in control of my life again:-) I'm also going to finish my book, Insanity Rules, at least my part of it by conference. I have 2 months. But that decision came out of this week of indecision while I tried to pull life back together. So I'm with you. Pushing ourselves to the limit somehow gets us aware of our need to get back to basics.

  4. Angie, isn't it funny how we associate a clean house with being back in control? I do the same thing. When everything feels out of control, the first thing I do is clean.
    Sorry, but I had to laugh when you said your decision to work on Insanity Rules came out of the indecision (chaos/insanity :-) of the week. Goodness knows insanity often rules my house.

  5. Christy,

    We can't ignore God's little nudges. I taught 3 year olds at church for a while. It was fun and I learned so much. God is so good that when I was doing that I was also doing a Bible study with a friend and we were one step ahead of the kids in learning about Moses, so He was preparing me each week. It was amazing.

    I know you'll do what you feel like God is saying to you. But sometimes I know we all wonder if we can take on one more thing.

  6. Thank you all for your comments. Today I am working on cleaning my house to regain that "control" again. LOL! we're all so similar. And in a little while, I'll return to church to help clean our classroom for tomorrow's Sunday School. Again, getting that "control" back.

    But I'd sure like to be at the beach relaxing like Jenn is! I'm a tad jealous!!!!