Monday, July 21, 2008

Double Trouble--Oops! I Mean Bubble

My daughter is getting married in a couple of months and she had her first shower this past weekend. It was a lingerie shower hosted by her matron of honor and her mother. It was a fabulous shower.
They had a fire fighter hat with a veil for my girl to wear. The theme was red and black----hot!!!! Well, he is a fireman!!
The cake was a bed with a red bedspread. There were fire fighter boots at the foot of the bed. Their attention to details regarding my girl were amazing. We had a great time.
One of the games we played was this. Each of us at the shower were given two questions to ask my daughter and two pieces of Double Bubble bubble gum. We went around the room, each attendee asking my daughter a question about her hubby-to-be. He had answered the questions via me and the goal was to see how well the bride knows her man.
This is how well!!

(click picture to enlarge)
Every time she missed an answer the person asking the question threw her one of the pieces of gum. Can you say, oh my!

So let me ask you?
(These are a few of the questions?)
What pocket does your man carry his wallet?
What is his shoe size?
How tall is your man?
Does your man prefer pen or pencil?
What is your man's father's middle name?
Where was your first date?
What is your man's favorite song?
What was the name of your man's first girlfriend?
What was the name of your man's first pet?
What would your man say is your most annoying habit?
What is your man's dream car?
What is your man's favorite color?
What part of you does your man like best?

And the big one----What did your man want you to wear on your wedding night?

She got that one right.

Let me know how many pieces of Double Bubble you have in your mouth!!!

Me and my girl.


  1. LOL Lindi! Hilarious!

    You and your daughter look so much alike! Hope she has a wonderful wedding and marriage!

  2. Love the veiled firehat. Too cute. Sounds like a great shower. Christy's right, your daughter looks just like you. She's probably thrilled to know she'll look so good at 40. . .ish :-D

  3. How fun! I think after 22 years that I would have done well. I'd probably be chewing one piece of gum (for the first pet). :)

    My most annoying habit? Piling all my writing stuff everywhere. :)


  4. hahahah...looks like a fun party! I hope your jaw wasn't sore from all that gum you chewed!!! =)

    All the best,

  5. Christy and Mindy,
    The girl and I do look alike according to a lot of people. We don't see it too much.
    Mindy, I remember pics of your daughter. I think you guys look a lot alike also.

  6. Missy,
    You did great. I"m not sure how I would do. I'll have to review and see.

  7. Lindi, when she had her hair bobbed and stacked in the back, you looked like twins!

    I bet if you look at old photos of you, you'll really see it.


  8. Mitch,

    Thanks for stopping by. Come by and visit more often!!! We do have fun here.

  9. Missy,
    There is a profile pic of her at the beach that we both swear is me. So in that instance I guess we do see it.
    PS...after the wedding, she getting her hair cut/stacked like she likes it. She's growing it for the wedding.

    Reminds me of a saying or song line or something I heard that said

    "Girls grow there hair long to wear it all up on their wedding day."

  10. Yes Lindi, like you, everyone says we look alike. Also like you, we don't see it :-P

  11. What fun! We just celebrated our 15th year! My husband also owns a fire safety business. How interesting that he's a firefighter. Loved the theme. And yes, you look a lot alike. People tell me that Celina and I look a lot alike.