Tuesday, July 15, 2008


This week has been an odd one for me. Last Wednesday I had surgery--nothing major, an elective--yet I was knocked out for five hours while they did the procedure. When I came to, I was sore and loopy. And that loopiness hung around for a few days. (For those of you snickering, thinking I'm always that way--stop it!) I could not even begin to think about my story. Couple that with the time I lost on vacation and was a worryin'. Nevermind the fact that I'd pounded out the best synopsis of my life between those two events, and God had revealed some great ideas. I was still worried cuz I have so far to go.

Do you ever do that? Do you feel like you're at a complete loss and wonder if you're really supposed to be writing afterall?

Sunday I went to church, and as I climbed the steps to my class there was a poster on the wall. I can't remember anything about it except the scripture at the bottom. Jeremiah 33:3. Not able to recall exactly what that verse was, I knew I had to look it up as soon as I got home.

"Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know."

Well, duh! Did I ask God to show me what He wanted me to write, or did I just whine to Him about that fact that I didn't know what to write? Shame on me. He's given me (all of us) a promise I can cling to. Does that mean that when I ask He'll impart everything to me just like that? Doubtful. But He will tell me great and unsearchable things I do not know today.

So you can bet I took God up on His promise. And guess what, He held up His end of the bargain. Imagine that.

Praise You Lord for Your promises. May we cling to them as we travel this road, walking with You each step of the way.

P.S. If you're interested in learning more me, my friend Janice Olson has posted an interview on her website.


  1. Oh have I felt like that! and Jeremiah 33:3 is one of my favorite verses because I think I never know anything in this whole ball game:-)

    After my cancer surgery, I had months of recovery I was sure I would spend that time finishing at least one book, if not two. LOL, I had underestimated the body's need for rest and recovery.

    It's normal kiddo. So take the recovery time as a blessing and let yourself heal. It'll come when you are better.


  2. Thanks, Ang. Slowly but surely, right?

  3. Great post, Mindy. I hope you're totally healed and back to normal soon!

    Thanks for the reminder about that vers in Jeremiah!


  4. Mindy,
    Hope you're mending quickly.
    I, too, don't take the time I need to chat with God regarding my stories. I am such a work in process regarding that aspect.