Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A Gallon of Paint, My Daughter, and Barry Manilow

What do these three things have in common? I spent Sunday afternoon with all of them. Well, not Barry Manilow in person...let me explain.

I reprised my role as decorating diva this weekend, helping my daughter transform her bedroom from that of a high schooler to something a little more mature. Plus, it was the only room in that house that still had those boring builder-white walls. I crave color. Doesn't have to be bold, just something more imaginative and deliberate than plain white.

We went to the Home Depot, found the perfect color to go with her new smoky-teal comforter, then set to work. She cleaned and moved stuff out of the way while I made my way around the room, paint brush in one hand, roller in the other. My husband always tells people that I can paint a room faster than anybody he's ever known :-P

But painting can be boring. You've gotta be inspired. Then my daughter found an old cassette tape--Barry Manilow's Greatest Hits. I couldn't get that puppy rewound fast enough. Truth is, I've always been a closet Manilow fan. Fast or slow, it doesn't matter.

So with Barry singing New York City Rhythm, I got my groove on. Would you believe I knew every word to every song? I even surprised myself. Somewhere round about the fifth or sixth slow song I realized this man had a serious problem. He was always either the wounded man, unlucky in love, or he was with a woman, in a steady, loving relationship, and yet pining for the one he let get away. Now that just rubbed me wrong. I mean, if I were that woman he was with and found out he was thinking of some lost love, I'd be pretty hacked off. Wouldn't you?

Nonetheless, that little break from the ordinary got my creative juices pumping faster. I think I mentally plotted two books in those couple of hours. Too bad neither of them are the one I'm working on now. Very annoying.

Now let's play. Suppose you were given a room to decorate/paint just for you. A space where you could be as creative as you want, without having to worry about who else likes it, or if it goes with the rest of the house. Money would be no object and I'd even come do the painting for you :-) What color would you make it? I would LOVE to do a room in a muted plum. Too bad my office is right off the main entry of our house. And who would you be listening to that'd really get you movin'? Come on, fess up.


  1. Hey Mindy ~

    Funny you should ask. We are finally moving our business out of our garage and into real office space. Needless to say, I'm thrilled. Not just to get our business out of our home, but the opportunity to let my closet decorator dreams loose for a test drive.

    One of our employees and I always joke that we need a large wall mural of a tropical island - you know like the Windows screen saver. So my plan is to use some pale turquoise on the bottom half of the walls, lots of green plants and some wicker furniture to give our office space some tropical appeal.

    And I discovered some beach scented Yankee candles at the Hallmark store to add scent to the ambiance.

    I'm so excited!


  2. It would have to be Purple, deep purple, and there is no other than Rod Stewart to listen to !!!

  3. Jen, that sounds gorgeous. You'll have to splurge on one of those noise machines that plays the wave/beach sounds. Put a little sand on the floor and your customers won't mind waiting at all. Of course, you may not get any work done :-D

  4. Anonymous, are you Cousin Wendy? Cuz Wendy just strikes me as a Rod Stewart kind of gal. Hot legs!

  5. Mindy,
    First of all I'm a Manilow fan too. I love Mandy.
    I would have a choc brown/blue room or a pink/black room.
    ANd I would be singing to David Crowder of course!!

    Hey Cuz!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Jenn, I love that tropical desktop!! I usually change computer backgrounds seasonally, so I put that on on in December. LOL (So I can imagine being warm.)

    If I could do any color in an office, it would probably be some shade of aqua. I actually used that in the nursery.

    I would also love a yellow-walled kitchen. Actually, I would probably like yellow all over the house! It's so cheery.


  7. Oops! Meant to make that Jen with one "n". Sorry! :)