Thursday, July 17, 2008

Getting in The Zone

Well, I’m not nearly as glamorous as Angie was in her photo yesterday. But I didn’t have much to choose from. You know how it is to be the official photo-taker in the family? There are about 100 photos of our vacation, four of them with me in it. :) I used to tell my husband that the children would never know they had a mother unless he started taking some of me. So while we were at Orange Beach last week, he forced me to turn the camera over to him and took a few pictures of me.

They were awful! LOL

Anyway, that’s not the point of this post. What I wanted to talk about is that I’ve discovered the beach is the perfect place for me to write! I kind of knew this already. Lindi’s boss has been generous and offered his beach house to our critique group a couple of times, and I’ve gotten more done there than ever at home. I did the same thing this year on vacation. Early in the morning, I would have coffee and breakfast out on our deck overlooking the Gulf. Then I’d get right to work.

I could get so much done in a couple of hours before the kids would wake up! For some reason, the sound of the water and sea gulls puts me a in a nice little cocoon. I guess you could call it white noise. And I go into The Zone.

I told Lindi I need a beach house. She told me my husband would probably tell me to find a CD with water noise on it.

She knows him well. :)

So seriously, I’m going to see if I can find a CD and give it a try. What about you? Is there anything you do to help put you in The Zone?



  1. I listen to period music. If it is a colonial or Regency that I'm working on I pick out some classical pieces. If I'm writing about Indians, I try and find Indian music. For my Scottish Medieval I played Celtic music and nearly wore out my Braveheart CD. I have a 1929 story on my heart and I'm starting to look at Big Band CDs.

    Uh, I'm within driving distance of the GA beaches. I'd like a writing retreat-hint, hint, hint!

  2. Well, Jenn, we can always meet at my house and put on an ocean CD. LOL

    I love to use music, too. I didn't do that with the last book, but I've done it with others. One one book, I used one of the Women of Faith CD's. I also use certain scents to put me in the writing mood.


  3. I'm all for a GA Beach writing retreat!! Hint, Hint!

  4. Missy, I like your picture too. Glad you got to be in front of the camera for a change!

  5. Thanks, Christy. That one was the only one fit to put on the internet! The others were horrible bathing suit pictures. LOL

  6. LOL! Do you know it was 9a.m. when we had to dress up in cocktail attire? I felt so weird at that time of day. Missy, I think you are beautiful and you shine all over the world!

    I may not get a beach house to go on retreat, but I'm excited about getting my spare room back as my quiet retreat and writing office. It's calling to me because I have a place now. Yay!

    I had it before and gave it up for our exchange son. While I loved having him here, I never did get in the zone like I did when I had my own spot. That spot was more important than I realized!


  7. Missy,
    After I moved from Hawaii, I really missed the sounds of the ocean. No gulls there, just wave action. :) So, I have just the thing for you.

    "dreamsurf" in the Reflections of Nature line. This is surf sounds only. No music.
    Ocean Relaxing Surf enhanced with music from the "Relax with" series by Creative Music Marketing Ltd.

    I'm pretty sure I got one of them at Wal-Mart. The other? No clue.

    Happy writing!

  8. I started listening to music with this book I'm writing now. I haven't done that before, but I seem to jut move along with this one. It is a David Crowder Cd and I'm writing about two musicians, so.....

    I like the idea of a beach house. Missy, maybe we could chip in and buy know with your advances and my overtime!!!!

  9. Hmmm... if I chip in some of my overtime, maybe we could all three make something work!

    Lindi - I finally heard a DAvid Crowder song! Now I hear him all the time! He's got a unique voice. Great songs!

  10. Yeah Christy,
    I'll turn you into a Crowder groupie if you don't watch out. He is awesome.