Friday, July 11, 2008

In Pieces

I am happy to report that yesterday I wrote 553 words as a new scene for my manuscript revision. I'm excited, because it's been a while since I wrote anything new. And although this 553 words only snarfed out 2 pages, it's 2 pages more than what I had!

I reworked my goal, motivation, conflict chart and the idea for the scene was sparked by one statement in my chart. Now this didn't happen in one morning. No, I revised the GMC chart in one sitting and reviewed it in the next. The new scene just naturally followed. Sometimes, scenes and ideas just need to stew. Like a good soup.

At my desk, I have the original version, first~ugly~draft, of this manuscript open in its 3-ring binder. I keep hoping I'll be able to use a scene from it, but that hasn't happened yet.

This revision is coming together in pieces. And that's okay, because the point is, it's coming together. Does Steady win the Race? I sure hope so...


  1. Yes, steady wins the race!! Persistent and steady. You can do it!!

    Also, I always say I let ideas ruminate. :) That one cracked up cousin Wendy. Are you around, Wendy?? :)


  2. Yea, Christy! Doesn't it feel good to be back in the saddle? Okay, to at least know that you've made progress?

    And I agree with Missy, steady wins the race.

  3. Steady absolutely wins the race. If it wasn't for steady writing, I wouldn't have any finished manuscripts. Small pieces here and there are the only way I can get anything done. Congrats, Christy! I'm so glad you made some writing progress this week.

  4. Congrats girl. New pages are great pages! 2 pages a day makes a novel eventually. Don't stop. Keep going.