Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Lasting Impressions

On Sunday we went to church. Nothing different about heart was open and ready to listen. And God had a message for me.

C.S. Lewis said that the most dangerous time in our life is first thing in the morning when we let our minds get full of the busy schedule to come instead of starting the day with the Lord. (paraphrased.)

Our pastor challenged us to try this prayer for the next week:

Thank you, Lord, for your presence in my life. Bring to me your calm and your delight. Amen

The word that sticks out to me is delight. Yes, I want calm too:-) But delight, now that is a word that isn't used much anymore. It made me imagine the Lord smiling down on my with a huge grin. Like he was as delighted with me as I am watching my own children. I suddenly wanted to live fully in His delight.

So the word for the week for me is DELIGHT. I'm not only praying the above prayer, but I'm adding to it:

Lord, please be delighted with me today and help me to delight you.

Have you felt delight lately? If so, when and why? Did you remember to thank God?

God Uses Broken Vessels


  1. Angie, The word DELIGHT brings to mind my prayers for joy. I've been praying for more joy in my life, not because I'm so depressed I'm not happy. It's just that I feel like I get so caught up in work at my day job, work in my writing, work with my daughter's learning, work in helping my husband's business, that everything becomes work, work, work, and I forget to just rest, relax and enjoy life.

  2. I know exactly what you mean! It's definitely an important issue in this phase of life. At the time we are raising our kids and working, it easily overwhelms us as moms and wives. All the mixed messages of what we HAVE to do. I pray joy and delight for you too:-)