Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Learning Curve

The last few weeks have been complicated for me. I imagine I'm not the only one learning new things :-)
I've spent this last year doing that almost every day. Is that a challenge? Oh Yeah!

I've been learning how to write non-fiction book proposals at the same time as taking classes on business and financial management. Then I've been learning how to help non-profits through fund raisers as Mrs. Missoula while planning weddings and graduations for my kids and processing payroll.

Things are going at such a fast pace anymore that I'm wondering how much more there can be to learn! And then I go to the Weight Watcher's Leadership Training. Holy cow! Five days squished into three. But now I can lead meetings in centers and at office lunch meetings. I'm really looking forward to it.

Can I pack any more in my poor little brain?

It's such a balancing act...wait! That's what woke me up in the middle of the night to write again. My subconscious whirled it all together and made some sort of sense out of it.

The health and beauty book idea I've been working on suddenly took a new turn. All the new things I've been cramming into the brain cells gelled together to blend up a twist in my planning. As tired as the last few weeks have made me, I popped up wide awake and ran upstairs excited to make some changes that helped the writing flow.

It's amazing to me how getting educated in one area sparks another. It could be anything really. It doesn't have to be writing that benefits. Any new paths in your mind will spark your creative bug.

I'm giving myself a boost to the self-confidence now. Even though the learning curve is almost always a struggle uphill, it's also one of the best leaps into a more productive creative cycle when new ideas spin around at high speed.

When you are feeling overwhelmed and pushed from all sides...just try sleeping on it, lol.

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God Uses Broken Vessels


  1. Yay, Angie!! Don't you love those creative moments that you know have to be God-inspired? :)


  2. Ang,
    Remember you're the busiest lady I know. You are incredible. I just have to remember one thing at a time.
    Thanks for the post.

  3. It's such an interesting journey you've decided to take. I'm sure the learning curves you are passing through will somehow enhance your fiction writing as well.