Monday, July 28, 2008

Time to Get Creative Again!!!

When I was in Alaska in June we went to Skagway. As we walked down the dock we saw all these rocks that had been written on. I don't know the story behind it, but apparently at one time the men on the ship would paint the rocks with their ship's name and captain's name. I thought it was very interesting so I took some pictures.

So this is our creative exercise for the day. Take the rock below and write the beginning paragraph of a story.

What do you think? Can you come up with anything? I'll post mine later tonight. Good luck!!


  1. So cool, Lindi! I see the date 1929 on there.

    I'll have to try to come by later and write my opening. But I'll be thinking!


  2. He called her Princess Charlie.......the love of his life, the woman that tortured his mind, the mother of the children he doesn't even remember.........

  3. Hey there Cuz. Nice opening...his memory is not very good, huh?
    Sounds like me.

  4. Here's my attempt----

    I'm standing on the deck of my ship, the S S Charlotte wondering what is happening. Instead of a black flag with a skull waving above there is a red and pink flag making my ship look like an invitation for any women to come aboard.
    Which is something I, Captain W Q Palmer will never stand for. Unless, of course, she's blonde, beautiful and buxom.

  5. NO, No, No !!!! Thats just to get your attention, it gets better !