Thursday, August 21, 2008

Determination on the Dismount

I've been watching the Olympics at night after I'm too tired to write or wash dishes or do anything constructive. And I have what I'm calling Olympic Fatigue. I've had a really hard time getting up in the morning after turning off the TV at 1 am (or later). But something in those games has really stuck with me.

Have you watched the gymnasts on the balance beam? Particularly Shawn Johnson. But really all of them. The concentration! And Shawn does it like she means business. You can hear her feet stomp landings, and she doesn't waver.

But what really affected me was the look on all their faces right before they dismounted. I could actually feel a clench in my gut, as if I were about to launch myself two and half flips into the air from a 4-inch-wide beam. It spoke volumes about sheer determination.

And I thought, I know this feeling. It's that feeling I've had while writing, and it seems like it's going nowhere, but I refuse to give up. It's the feeling I've had after receiving a rejection. It's the feeling I had many times over the 10+ years of writing before the first sale.

The women's gymnastics events are over. But watch some other events. Watch for that determination, that refusal to miss out on all they've worked so hard for. That reaching for the gold.

Let's learn from them. Let's keep up the hard work and persist until we reach our dreams.

What about you? What "gold medal" are you reaching for?



  1. Hey Missy- glad you're enjoying the olympics. I've not been watching them myself. Been a little busy here south of Atlanta.

    For me, right now, the gold medal I'm reaching for in my writing is just getting my foot in the door and being published. When I reach this gold medal milestone, the goals I reach for will be different. I think it's a growth process. Unlike the olympics where reaching the gold medal is the end, with nowhere else to go athletically so to speak, Gold medal goals in writing and everyday life are going to change and adjust as we grow. If they didn't, I'd be worried because that would mean we wouldn't be growing and maturing as writers and as children of God.

    Having a gold medal goal to reach for equals hope, and without hope we would all be aimless.

  2. Great point, Dianna! That first sale isn't the pinnacle like a gold medal. It's just the beginning. :)