Friday, August 8, 2008

Don't give up Hope...

Okay y'all... I've got to be honest. I DO NOT want to go to work today. I would much rather stay at home and pretend to be a full time writer who is employed and living successfully off of the funds earned by doing what I love!

But the reality is, I need this job that overtaxes my energy and leaves me nearly spent at the end of a very long day, to fund my writing career and conferences!

However, I'm here to tell you there is hope. And this is for our readers, too. It doesn't look like the Romance market is going to take a dive any time soon, and let's continue to pray it stays strong. There is going to be an escape, through romance novels, for those of us caught up in the daily grind known as life.

I learned from a friend at work that the Romance Writers of America had been on the Today show and she said she thought of me. (Bless her kind heart, she has no idea I may be in a nursing home before I get published, and that means my friend may be dead, but I'm not losing hope!) Anyway, that sparked my interest that RWA was on such a widely watched news program. And then I received a link, like many of you authors on the loops did too, leading us to this video.

I just get goose bumps watching the ladies run into the ballroom for the booksigning. Our very own Missy Tippens was there this year! I know it was exciting for all.

But what you heard on the video, is that the book sales are still high and Romance readers still need that happy ending. There wasn't any mention of Inspirational readers or authors, but we're there and we're stead fast. And for all of us who are still plowing through revisions and proposals and trying to get something ready to submit to an editor, an agent, or even a contest, we need to keep going. Where there's a writer, there will be a reader.

And finally, I want to congratulate my critique partner Dianna Shuford. She received wonderful news yesterday that she'd finaled in a contest she entered. I'm not sure if I can release the details and if all the finalists have been notified, but I'm tickled for her! YAAAYYY DIANNA!!!!!

Another page turns in the "Don't give up writing" saga...

Now, off to work...


  1. Christy, girlfriend, you will be published long before you hit the nursing home beat. Shame on you. Great video. And congrats Diana!

  2. You're right, Christy. It was so exciting! You know how you saw all those women run through the doors... well, they flew past me, heading for Sherrilyn Kenyon! LOL I joked with Janet Tronstad that I was going to get cold from the breeze. (They literally blew my hair back as they rushed by!) :)

    But it was a great time. I kept looking for myself in the background of the video because TV cameras were nearby. They must have been getting that shot of Sherri.

    Hey, Dianna, congrats on the contest final!! You'll have to share with us which one. Best of luck in the finals!! Oh my gosh. I just had a thought. Was it the Maggie??!! It may be about Maggie time. :)


  3. Ugh, I can't see the video. I'm going to have to switch to my office PC from my MAC and see if that works.

    Christy, don't you know we already have a lead goose? She's pulling us along in the formation:-D

    Missy, did you know you were a lead goose?

    LOL, geese fly in formation because they create an aerodynamic pull between them. So ladies, we can change our name to the gaggle of geese!

    Congratulations to Dianna!


  4. LOL. I feel like a goose on most days. :)


  5. Great video! Very encouraging. Yes, I know all about being frustrated and ready to give up. I had told several people that I was laying my story aside to think about another story for a while. One day after telling Christy this, I got 'the phone call' about finaling in the contest. I'm in trouble with lots of revisions to get through.

    Thanks for the congrats ladies! Needless to say, I've gone from shock, to tears (on new student orientation night at my school), to being excitedly overwhelmed.
    I was told that everyone was notified this week who finaled so does that mean it is safe to tell everyone? I'm going to assume so. I finaled in the inspirational category of the Maggies this year. Completely unexpected after getting less than stellar scores from 4 other contests. Whether I win the final round or not, it was encouraging to get this far.


  6. Oh, yippee, it was the Maggie! Congrats!! :)


  7. Mindy,
    I'm setting a far off goal, so I know I'll reach it, hopefully sooner than later!

  8. Missy, I got goose bumps just watching that video! I wish we'd been able to see you. Did you sign a lot of books and meet a lot of readers! I bet with your bright smile you earned a lot more! How fun. I would've been camping out at Nora Robert's table. I'm sure the line was long...

  9. Angie, I hope you got to see the video. If not, try going to the RWA site and picking it up there.

    You're right, we do have a lead goose. I'm flapping away back here, following the pack!!!

  10. Dianna,
    I wanted to sqeal out loud - and I was at work - when I heard the news! Still cheering you on! M&M here we come!

  11. I think the interview was very encouraging, I just wish they didn't concentrate so much on the "sex" part of romance. Women read romance for the "romance" part of it. The emotional commitment and true love, and as Christy said, the happily ever after ending, and of course, the escape from reality.

    Christy, I'm so sorry you didn't want to go to work yesterday. Just know your sister in NC is with you in spirit--beating down the commuting highway, plopping home from a long day, and trying to squeeze in those writing minutes too. You're not alone.

    I'm trying to get as much done as possible before school starts in a few weeks. I dread it. I really do. I love being a mom, but I'm not cut out to be a teacher. I want to send my child to school and know that she is learning and that I don't have to go back to school with her. I want the teachers to teach academics, and let me as a parent teach spiritual values, morals, discipline, etc. But it seems like schools want parents to do so much of the academic teaching at home nowadays.