Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Ever Lost a Day?

Life seemed so fast there for several months. Kids getting married, other kids graduating college and high school. Huge changes in our family dynamics. Our family owned business continued. Mission trips, overseas travel, contract projects and the world kept turning. I've lost days and not known where they went.

Writing has been a challenge with such a heavy schedule. I needed to learn how to delegate, slow down and relieve the busyness. I honestly focused on what I could give away to someone else. What did I NOT need to do?

Then after months of focus, all of a sudden, it loosened up. As that happened, I found myself stumbling into chaos. I didn't know what to do because my days weren't minute by minute planned. But without a steady plan, writing was still a challenge with odd interruptions. I wanted to get my book, Insanity Rules, completely finished by ACFW conference time. Things kept getting me off track. I was like a puppy in a new place. Sniff, sniff here. Wag my tail there. Distracted by a grasshopper. Ugh! I couldn't get it together. I couldn't figure out daily life without a ridiculously intense schedule.

No, I didn't quit my day job or anything. I've figured out how to delegate to my assistant much better. Then I didn't know how to manage the new plan yet. It actually takes practice to let go. In the meantime, I'm still learning to say "no" to unnecessary tasks. I feel like I did learning to type way back in high school. You know, all the mixed up letters on the keyboard don't fit the pattern of the alphabet. It's all catty-wampus.

Here it is Wednesday evening and I'm just now realizing it's Wednesday! My blog post was due and I didn't even think of it. Whoops, another day got away from me.

I'm having a great time though. I may lose track of time now and then as I relearn my new patterns, but I feel like life is much more full. Not only full, rich. I've been getting my writing schedule back together. In the process, I found out I needed more research and interview time. Where was I going to fit that in with my plan? It scared me to think of that in the last week. Was I going to fall back into over-scheduled? The amount of work I could see overwhelmed me.

Today I had the pleasure of volunteering for our Missoula Aging Services. You know what I had to do? A totally fun photo shoot! On top of that, there were other volunteers. They became new friends. As we began to get to know one another, we found commonalities.

A small aside: If you are looking for a mate, or wanting to get pregnant or watching water never seems to happen when you go out of your way. However, when you just live your life doing the things you love, enjoy your spouse or turn the burner on and get busy working on other things-the thing you are wanting so earnestly seems to drop in your lap.

Back to my thoughts: So there I am, at a photo shoot getting to know my new friends as we wait for our turns to pose. Next thing you know, I'm interviewing them for my book, lol. One of my chapters is about teamwork. The new friend I met actually had a job creating teams helping disabled patients. Wow! Talk about dropping right in my lap.

Summing it up: I think it's important to have scheduled time and actually plan for goals. It's also good to continue living your life. Somehow, all those important things are brought together by God. Instead of stressing about it, I'm going to relax back into my life. (Those who know my Type A personality are laughing about now.) I have a couple of business cards so I can set up coffee dates to go into more detail for my interviews.

Coffee and chats. Yep, right up my alley for an interview technique, relaxed and enjoyable.

I feel like life is changing in a huge way. I'm moving into an entirely different season and there's no going back.


How are you balancing the changing seasons of your life?
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