Saturday, August 9, 2008

Brainstorming Husbands

Last week I blogged about being stuck in a lull on my current book. But my husband brainstormed with me on the way to the exercise facility where we are members. The idea he came up with was perfect. I was able to take that one suggestion and expand it into my story, writing three new scenes and I'm about to start the fourth, which will be a transition scene back into where I left off in the original story.

For me the idea is to lengthen the story, but by doing so, I want to give my hero another layer of characterization. This has not only done that, but also added more to his background as a motivation of why he reacts a certain way to things. Finally, it's all coming together and I think this story will be much stronger for it.

The best part is, I get to give my hubby all the credit. When I came home from work yesterday. He said, "I think I'm ready for another brainstorming session."

How has your family helped your stories recently? Or if you're a reader, what have you appreciated help with from someone special in your life?


  1. My husband loves to brainstorm with me too, Jenn, I think our hubby's like knowing they're part of our creative process. And the male brain just works differently than the female brain. Sometimes just a nugget of what they say can end up creating a whole scene for us. There's a reason they get first credit in the acknowledgements:-)

  2. My hubby will make these comments and I think, "Oh, only a guy would say that" and I try to remember it or write it down to use.
    He doesn't really brainstorm with me. I mean I'll tell him my ideas and usually thinks they are really good.
    But he did talk up my writing last weekend at church while I was out of town... I thought that was nice of him.

  3. Hi Jennifer, you left a comment on my blog (I was writing about heaven) and I never did respond! Thanks for visiting. Yes, I also read Piper's book (90 Minutes in Heaven).

    As far as family helping book plots, my husband definitely had some good ideas for me. I think sometimes a different person can just cut through problems that the writer can't seem to see around. Strange, but true.

    Hope you're well!