Thursday, August 14, 2008

Just for Fun--Free Book Giveaway!

Imagine being at a book signing, and you're autographing a book for a woman's mother. She tells you it's for her mother's birthday, and you realize you've just signed the book "Happy Mother's Day!" Then imgaine you sign a book to send to a woman who helped you with research, only to realize you've already sent her one!

Yep. You guessed it. I did both. So I have two mis-signed copies of Her Unlikely Family that have been lying around for months. I decided to give them away rather than throw them away. So if you don't mind someone else's name in the front of your book, I'll be glad to send it to you. :) Anyone interested, please email me at missytippens [at] and I'll draw two names.

So, what goof-ups have you had lately? Now's the time to admit all. :)



  1. Okay, y'all. Share those embarrassing moments! Don't be bashful. :)


  2. Oh Missy would love to enter we have just started a library and would love a copy to put in it.
    embarrassing moments there are lots just trying to think of one.
    Ok Getting a photo signed by my favourite cricketer its a photo of us both first time ever for that.
    and hes so slow writing, im saying its the first time I ever had a photo with a player and i couldn't picked a better one etc. but my mouth wouldn't shut up and my minds going stop stop your gushing adn embarrassing yourself.
    Later when i saw him again its Hi JENNY and im like hi. I was so gobsmacked and hes grinning. it was still cool.
    Oh and I have given the same book to a friend for her birthday 2 years in a row that was embarrasing

  3. Hi Missy, I hope I am not leaving this message twice! :-) I work in a store in Maine. In Summer, there are many French-speaking customers. We-ll, I did something that really backfired. I learned how to say, "I do not speak French," in French. People were so excited that a flood of sentences followed that I couldn't understand. All I could say was," No, no' and shake my head. LOL

  4. Billie Warren ChaiAugust 14, 2008 at 7:22 PM

    I've been silly. I can't tell you how many emails I replied to, only to send the reply to myself. I did that 3x with one email and 2x with another.

    SO if I don't answer, I probably emailed myself.

  5. I have had so many embarassing moments, that they are too numerous to even name!

    I would love to have one of the books.

    Thank you,

    Becky C.

  6. Hi Missy
    I loved what you shared! I have had many embarrassing moments, the most recent just last Sunday at church when I was asked to bring two of my books signed and personalized. One lady bought hers and gave me a hug, the other,seemed to not see me, so there I was in my cast (I have a broken ankle) following her around the crowded church foyer holding up my book. I even called out her name...sorta. For some reason she just missed seeing me THAT day, and I stood there, redfaced, with a lot of people watching me ODDLY with my book in my hand. I felt pretty silly. Sigh!
    Will she ever get her book? Now, I don't know! But here I sit with a book signed out to WANDA!

    Sorry that was so long!
    I would love a copy of your book!


  7. LOL, you all are cracking me up!

    Jenny, that's so cool! But I know how embarrassing it can be to keep going on and on. I did that in my first editor appointment. :)

    Vera Lisa, what a hoot! I guess maybe you should just go ahead and learn a little more french. :)

    How funny, Billie! I've also sent an email to the wrong address (and was so thankful I didn't say something horrible!). :)


  8. Becky, I'm with you. I seem to always be doing something embarassing, especially for my kids. :)

    LOL, Shirley! I can just see you doing that. I did something similar at the school's open house tonight. I called out to some friends that didn't hear me. My kids got such a kick out of it and really enjoyed making fun. :)

    I've entered you all in the drawing! If you feel more comfortable, you can email me to be entered (at the address on the post).


  9. Realizing that two of my son's teachers have been married for over 10 years! Different last names. I had no clue, lol. I thought they were a new couple!

    PS I read your book already and totally enjoyed it. So I'll defer to those who don't have a copy because they will enjoy it too. Missy, you are a very good storyteller.

  10. Umm does buying a book I'd just bought like 2 days earlier count?

    Or calling someone's name only to realize you got their name wrong, while in public?

    Or calling someone who looks like someone you know then noticing it's NOT them?

    LOL Please enter me in the drawing.


  11. I just loved what you shared. Please enter me in the drawing.


  12. Angie, you can't blame yourself for that one! They should have used a hyphenated name. LOL (Thanks for the kind words about my story!)

    Wendy, I'm so glad I'm not the only one who does those things! I can't tell you how many duplicate books I own! Maybe that should be my next giveaway. :) And I'm also forever waving at people in their cars, then realizing I don't know them. :)

    Jo, I've got you entered! Thanks for stopping by.


  13. One last embarrassing moment to share. I spelled imagine wrong in my post!!! LOL

    Missy :)