Monday, August 11, 2008


I've lost my spark.
Yes, it's true. I can't find it.
I'm working on my ms---really hard, writing every day. But it's really boring. I"m writing mundane everyday stuff. I need something exciting to happen. I need something inside to ignite and rise to the occasion, because my brain's not doing it.
But I keep plugging along thinking---it will click. Something will click. You can change this bad part. You can take out all this boring stuff. You can. You're the author!
So I keep on. I really don't remember not having a spark of something for this long. Maybe it's because I'm getting close to the wedding and we have been doing A LOT of wedding stuff.
Maybe it's because I've been working out of town and I'm out of my enviroment and I'm not used to that.
I've been really into my devotional. Abide in Christ by Andrew Murray. Awesome book. I really relate to how Mr. Murray says things. The way he states them speaks to my heart.
Maybe God is using this time to draw me closer to him. Maybe I"ll be restored soon. I pray I will.

What do you do when you seem to have lost your spark? Do you plod through, take a break, brainstorm? Love to hear ideas!!!!!


  1. Lindi, hang in there! It'll come back. And you may be surprised when you go back and read it. It might not be as bad as you think. :)

  2. Sigh. I know what you mean, Lindi. And like you, I keep trying to plod through. Maybe our sparks hooked up. Ya know, I bet they're on a cruise right now and didn't even think to invite us along. The nerve. All I can say is they'd better get back soon. And when they do, they're gonna have some 'splainin' to do :-)

  3. Missy,
    It may not be as bad as I think, but it just may be. Pray I don't ask you to read it before I do a read through!

  4. Mindy,
    I think our sparks have hooked up. See how creative you are? I think your spark is back! Go write, girl!

  5. LOL, Mindy!

    Good for you for trying to "write" through this difficult time. I know all about losing that spark. Sometimes a break is what we need. I usually can't even write during that time, so if you can write, no matter how bad you feel it is, keep on going. You can revise it later...

  6. I always need someone else to bounce ideas off of. I went to our MT Romance Writers (RWA) chapter meeting this last weekend. I went frustrated with where I was at and came home bouncing off the walls with ideas that sparked from things other writers said. I think relationships are crucial to writers! So get into a good chat, share where you're stuck with a group, and let the imaginations fly. Just like a wildfire, you won't be able to contain the flames of excitement.