Saturday, August 30, 2008

Make the Most of the ACFW Conference

Although I'm not new to writing conferences, last year was my first ACFW Conference and I wasn't sure what to expect. Most everything was beyond my greatest expectations. God encouraged me in so many ways through the praise and worship, prayer, other writers, workshops--through the whole experience.

And while I debated on whether or not the money would be worth it, after it was all over, I knew it was well worth it. Since then I've spent the past year looking forward to my second ACFW Conference and hoping and praying God will bring the finances. That prayer has been answered and in three weeks I'll be on a plane to Minneapolis. This year I took an extra day off work to give myself even more time to get focused and ready for what God might do in my life there.

So many people become distraught over the idea of editor and agent appointments. How do they pitch their stories? What should they say? Act? Dress? Take?

On my blog, I've written a few things that might be helpful to writers attending upcoming conferences.
Next week I plan to blog about creating business cards. There are some things to consider including on a writer's card that might be different from the average business card. Feel free to subscribe to my site if you don't want to miss these timely pieces on conference advice for writers.


  1. Wonderful blog! The world is a better place because of people like you who take the time to include Him in there work. I'll make you a set of 1,000, 16pt, 4/4 free business cards, if you promote on your blog about creating business cards. I can email a few files of our work.

    I invite you to viist a community of real people sharing real stories about how Love has impacted their lives. Be Blessed! Be very Blessed..

  2. Excellent stuff, Jennifer. I appreciate your tip links too.

    PS Thank you for visiting from Power Up Love, we don't know who you are, but it's nice to see there are other places out there with good plans to promote like you have.

  3. Great info, Jenn.

    It recently hit me that I didn't think I wanted to use the same business cards I've had for years. I decided to do a new one without my home adress. I did it with just email and website contact info.

    I look forward to your upcoming post!