Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Tools or TOOLS!

A few days ago, I held up a new book I'd been given by a friend. It's called The Big Picture: Pathology. Ladies squealed in glee.


Why would they squeal over something like that?

Because they are romance, mystery, non-fiction, and Young Adult authors.

For some people, tools mean hammers or screw drivers. For writers, they mean books. Books for research and books for history. Walk into any author's home and try to find the coffee table, kitchen table or (ahem) bed under all those books! Books, books, everywhere books.

Some books you need for a quick perusal. While others sit close at hand. I have a review up over at God Uses Broken Vessels on this new tool book because it will be one that stays close at hand.

Any time I need to create a character with a specific disease, I know right where to go for the signs and symptoms. How cool is that?!

Of course I have other daily latte, my laptop, my cell phone...but none are as important as the stacks of books like The Big Picture: Pathology. Reference tools spark ideas. Ideas spark creativity. Creativity sparks my drive and off to the laptop I go. I wonder what my newest character will face? What disease must he overcome? Hmmm.

What kind of reference tools do you need?



  1. Although I devour fiction, I don't care too much for non-fiction. So articles are my thing. Any writer's website I always check for writing tips. They're awesome!

  2. Cool, angie! I'll have to look for that book. Of course, then I'll start experiencing symptoms of every disease I read about! LOL

    I love my how-to books. And I love my copy of The Synonym Finder. And I love my book about archetypes--although I can't find that one right now. It's in one of my author piles. :)

    Jessica, thanks for stopping by! Camy Tang has a lot of good articles on writing. And Stephanie Bond used to, although I think she sells most of them online now. Also, Vickie Hinze


  3. I just checked Stephanie Bond's website, and she still has some free articles on there. But the ones she sells are on Amazon Shorts for a very reasonable price. They would be worth it. She's got great business sense and has been a huge source of info for me.