Wednesday, September 24, 2008

ACFW is always growing friendships-ACFW could be like the magic bean stalk!

Kind of like our dinner at the Olive Garden, lol. It started out with Margie Lawson and I going to dinner because we were arriving the night before conference opened.

Then I thought,
"Wouldn't it be cool to invite..?"

Next thing you know, we nearly filled the restaurant, lol. And did we ever laugh and have a great time!

We decided it needs to be an Early Bird Welcome Party or something. I'm already wondering where I'll plan it for next year in Denver at the ACFW 2009 conference!

Truly, I was overwhelmed that so many people wanted to come and join in the joyful celebration. This dinner epitomized ACFW because of the open friendships that started from strangers that night. One person brought another who brought another. We came as barely linked and left as sisters.

And the chocolate cake wasn't half bad either. Especially since everyone ordered their desserts and finished before I even realized they'd done it. Do you know they all let me order and eat mine anyway. Sisters understand the need for molten chocolate. ;-)

PS Come visit me over at God Uses Broken Vessels too.

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  1. LOL, Angie!! You must have been talking a mile a minute. ;) (just kidding.)

    I'm glad you all had such a nice dinner. It's so fun to meet people we only know online.