Friday, September 26, 2008

ACFW: A Week of Networking and Writing

Networking and Writing. Yep, I'd say that sums up my weekend. I didn't have any more manuscripts completed to feel confident enough to pitch to any editors or agents. The one editor appointment I kept, I used for meeting with the editor and just having a nice chat with her. She gave me some pointers on research that I plan to follow. I saw a few agents I'd seen last year. I didn't stalk them, but just treated them like I would any one else. The pressure was off of me this year and that freed me to help one of my friends who was there for the first time. I was able to help another friend who'd been there for the last five years, but that introverted side of her was rearing it's ugly, fearful head.

I served as a volunteer this year on the registration desk. I enjoy being a point of contact and trying to answer questions. I learned a lot myself in those few hours spent helping the ACFW staff.

And during free time, or during times when I just felt the need to escape, I fled to my convenient 2nd floor room and wrote! Hey, I was at a writing conference... it made sense. Plus, I figured I had more opportunity to write at the conference than I do at home. I was inspired!!

One awesome thing about ACFW is you have the opportunity to sit with Agents and Editors of your choice for mealtimes. I was fortunate enough to sit with an Agent who asked us all to send a partial. I call this my Lunch Freebie! During my other lunch and dinners, I was able to sit with a publisher and find out more about that house. There's always time for networking and learning more about a publisher, editor or agent. There is no time that's wasted at conference, not if you take advantage of every moment.

On Saturday, we headed to the Mall of America! Wow! I wish I'd been able to stay there the whole day. There were so many unique shops and so many familiar ones. The authors at the book signing extended from Barnes and Noble to Bloomingdale's!

Here's our bus. God bless the drivers who transported all of us chatty authors to the mall and back to the Sheraton. As soon as I boarded I had to ask ONE important question: ARE THE POPULAR KIDS IN THE BACK?

The book signing was really cool. I took a few pictures of my favorite authors... here's one of them...

All in all it was a wonderful day. And if you hear a nasty rumor floating around that my conference time was spent sleeping (A rumor started by my roommate, AHEM-MINDY) Don't believe it!!!!

Even if you see this picture floating around... I promise, I was only resting my eyes!

If you haven't commented on Thursday's post, don't forget. We've got great prizes. Can you guess which shoe is mine????


  1. Great recap, Christy!! And the cool thing is that we all have different stories to tell and different spins on the conference, yet they are all good.
    I wasn't able to write a lick while being there, but I thought a lot and after my critique with my pubbed author I was rewriting in my head.

    Visitors!!--don't forget to comment on the shoes. We have great prizes to give away.

  2. Resting your eyes? Yeah, right. Too bad I don't have audio to go with that picture :-D

  3. SLEEP? You Slept??? I'm so jealous.

    sigh. I'm still exhausted, but yes, it was an awesome conference.

    I actually didn't prerequest any agent/editor appts. I have my lovely agent (who I am really enjoying muchly) and am working on non-fiction this year.

    To my surprise, I ended up with two requests for Insanity Rules: Gems of wisdom in long-term and mental illness. I have sent off my first request and am finishing the entire book for the second request to be validated.

    I'm still living in that Surprise Land...
    Angie (who has a new love for shoes!)

  4. How cute, Christy! Love the photos. :) But I have a feeling there may have been a bit of snoring accompanying that last photo (but if I heard it from Mindy, I'll never tell!)

    So exciting to see the photo of my book on the jumbotron!! I hadn't seen it yet. I'm stealing your photo right now. LOL