Thursday, September 25, 2008

Shoe Mystery Contest!

We had so much fun at the American Christian Fiction Writers Conference in Minneapolis. On Saturday night, we got to dress up--a rarity for me--and attend the awards banquet for the Genesis Contest and the Book of the Year Contest. In honor of the night of glitz and glamour, we want to tell you about a fun contest we're having today through Sunday.
The Name That Shoe Contest. :) From those who guess correctly which shoe belongs to which F.A.I.T.H. blogger, we'll draw two names to win prizes! One prize is a copy of my book, Her Unlikely Family, along with Mary Kay Mint Bliss Foot Cream (I thought that appropriate.) :) Another lucky winner will receive a copy of Ginger Garrett's brand new book, In The Shadow of Lions.
All you have to do is leave your guesses in the comment section. Don't give any answers away (say, if you're Lindi's cousin and know she has a particular pair of shoes)! :) Just describe the shoe and tell who's wearing it. We'll give you until Sunday to comment on this post. I'll check the answers and do the drawing then. If no one guesses correctly, then I'll draw from all who attempted. So don't be scared to try. You could be a winner! :) Please be sure to stop by on Sunday to see if you won.
Here's a list you can copy and paste, starting at top and going clockwise. Just put one of our names (Missy, Lindi, Mindy, Jennifer, Christy, Angie) beside each shoe:
Black criss-cross strap
Light gold pumps
Dark gold with ankle strap
Black patent peek-a-boo toe
Black beaded slip-ons
Clear, sparkly Cinderella shoes
I hope you'll also stop by my personal blog to check out conference photos.
Good luck!


  1. Well, I have no idea who's is who's so I'm taking a stab in the dark:

    Black criss-cross strap: Missy
    Light gold pumps: Angie
    Dark gold with ankle strap: Belinda
    Black patent peek-a-boo toe: Mindy
    Black beaded slip-ons: Christy
    Clear, sparkly Cinderella shoes: Jennifer

    If I'm right and I win here's my email:

    mnjesusfreak at gmail dot com

    It's so awesome you were all able to get together after having done this blog for so long. How fun!

    Mimi B

  2. Okay, I'll play =)

    Black criss-cross strap- Missy
    Light gold pumps- Jennifer
    Dark gold with ankle strap- Belinda
    Black patent peek-a-boo toe -Christy
    Black beaded slip-ons- Mindy
    Clear, sparkly Cinderella shoes- Angela

  3. Ahhh This is so fun!!! And I know the correct answers! Keep them coming ladies!!!

  4. I can't even remember what people were wearing, much less what shoes they were wearing. I didn't look at their feet.

  5. I didn't look at anyone's feet either. I just scrolled down and looked at their outfits and chose the shoe that fit. Now if they exchanged shoes, I can't do anything about that. LOL

  6. LOL! We hadn't thought of switching shoes, Sharon. Great idea for next year!! :)

    By the way, congrats on your award, Sharon!

    Mimi, it was great to meet you in person! I posted your photo on my blog today. :)

    Thanks for stopping by, Lena!

  7. Y'all won't believe this. But I'm not sure about two of the pairs of shoes! I can't remember which was which. I guess I'll be emailing to make sure I have it correct before I check the answers! LOL


  8. This is the most innovative blog contest I've ever seen. Since I had to miss the conference for the first time since 2001, this will be my best guess. :)

    Black criss-cross strap - Missy
    Light gold pumps - Lindi
    Dark gold with ankle strap - Mindy
    Black patent peek-a-boo toe - Jennifer
    Black beaded slip-ons - Christy
    Clear, sparkly Cinderella shoes - Angie

    Jeanne Marie Leach

  9. What a fun idea!

    Black criss-cross strap - Mindy
    Light gold pumps - Jennifer
    Dark gold with ankle strap - Missy
    Black patent peek-a-boo toe - Angela
    Black beaded slip-ons - Christy
    Clear, sparkly Cinderella shoes - Missy

  10. Jeanne Marie, I'm sorry you had to miss going! This was only my 3rd time to attend. Thanks for taking a stab at our shoe contest.

    And Sharon, thanks for taking part! I'll announce the correct answers on Sunday. :)


  11. Hi all,

    Great answers, all. This was a fun idea. I was so thrilled to be together with the F.A.I.T.H. girls.
    Sharon L, congrats on your award. Mimi- Missy showed me who you are at the conference. Leena--your group of writers are amazing!!!
    Jeanne-Marie--sorry you couldn't attend--at least now you know some of the shoes that were present.
    Sharon Souza--nice to meet you!!!

    Make sure you check back to see if you are the winner.

  12. Are you all giggling at our guesses?

  13. Giggling? Absolutely! This is fun. We had a great time in Minneapolis. We'll have to post some photos of our pillow fight.

  14. Having an awesome time reading everyone's posts!!!
    This is so much fun.

  15. I'm posting the winners on a Sunday, Sept. 28, post, so please be sure to visit to see if you won the Mystery Shoe contest!