Monday, September 1, 2008

We're Not Working Today.........

Today is Labor Day! Yeah. I holiday for a lot of people who normally work. Therefore we will have no heavy discussion, no deep thoughts, no pondering on things that might change the world.

No, not today.

Today will be a fun, light, let's-just-let-our-hair-down kind of day. So relax, sit back, and enjoy.

All the participants of this blog have one thing in common. We want to publish books. We write fiction and non-fiction. One of us is published the others are trying with all we have to reach that goal. A lot of people who stop by and visit are writers, also.

So here's where the fun comes in. We are going to take writing out of the equation today. So, besides being a writer, if you could have any job whatsoever, what would it be? Pilot, model, doctor, weatherman, beach volley ball player? Anything.

Let's just have fun talking about work on this work celebrated holiday!


  1. Well, I was out of town yesterday so missed the fun. But I'll jump in today.

    I would be a pilot. I think I would love to fly. That way I'd be in control!! LOL (Yes, that's one of the hardest things about flying for me!) :)

  2. Missy,---very good. That's a great reason. I think I would be better on a plane if I could sit in the cockpit. What all those gadgets and meters that I would have no idea what they meant, but just seeing them would calm my fears.

  3. I would be an archaelogist discovering the treasures and secrets of past lives.

  4. Ooh, Jenn. Sounds like a fascinating job. A part of me wanted to be an archaelogist.