Monday, September 29, 2008

What if Your Current WIP Were Made Into A Movie...

who would you want to play your lead characters? I usually get a relly good visual while writing my books. I think about that question. Who would I want to play my hero and heroine?
Let's see. My book Girl In Waiting I pictured Reese Witherspoon and Ashton Kutcher.
Characters are so much more than what they look like. Not all authors need a visual description. I recently heard an author say she doesn't even mention her characters description when writing her books.
But we're all different. I have to have a visual. I get pictures and keep them close by.
For my current wip I actually picked my hero and heroine who are a couple on TV. There are a lot of great pics of them together on the show and since my couple is married it works out great.

This is my current couple. Anyone know who they are?


  1. I don't recognize them! Not a show I've watched, apparently. :)

  2. I don't know who these guys are. I recognize the girl from a TV show I used to watch a couple years ago, but can't remember the name (that's how memorable it was, huh?).

    For my main character, don't laugh, I'd like Angelina Jolie to play her. You might shiver thinking, "Oh, this poor, young writer has lost her mind." But really, my main character, Shelby, starts out much like Angelina Jolie (All angry, confused, tattooed, etc)---But, then the conversion happens, and she's softened...Soooo I'm not sure who I'd have stand in after that. I guess just think of a Christ-filled Angelina in her tomb raider days.

    This was fun to think about though....:-)

  3. Lynn, sounds great! I love how your character sounds. I love a reformed bad girl (or bad boy). :)


  4. Lynn,
    I think Angelina is sooo beautiful and she has such great presence--you know what I mean? She'd stand out no matter what she did---great choice for your character.

  5. The couple is from the show Brothers and Sisters.
    Real names are David Annable and Emily VanCamp. They play Justin Walker and Rebecca Harper----for two seasons they thought they were brother and sister--but they are you can tell from photo one.
    These two have great chemistry and when I was watching the show I kept thinking why have they made them brother and sister....
    So this season will be interesting. I can't wait to see what happens.

  6. Maybe i should add they didn't grow up thinking they were brother and sister......she just came into their lives because it was thought she was a lost sibling....
    There-I hope that clears up any yuckiness!

  7. I am fascinated with the idea of writing for screen. I have some classes on DVD that I really want to dig into and learn. I also want to try turning a story into a movie or TV show. But for right now, it's niggling around in there.