Thursday, October 23, 2008

Creating Your World

I've been reading C.L. Wilson's third book, King of Sword and Sky. I love, love, LOVE the series!! (Note, for those who read only inspirational/sweet romance, these books have some explicit scenes.) It's a fantasy series, and Cheryl has created an amazing world for her story. I can just imagine her writing along and thinking, oh, how cool if I make it so they can weave magic! I think I'll put that in there! :)

What fun to create like that. Wish I could--

Hey, wait! I can do that too! Just not in quite the same way. I can create a small town in North Georgia. It can be a town like we all imagine living in. Even those who enjoy city life might like to escape to my small town where everyone knows everyone. And they look out for each other. And there's no crime. And the houses are quaint, with big porches with swings. And life moves more slowly. And the local waitress knows your regular order.

See, I have my fictional world! Because even though some real small towns may be similar to my town, they still don't usually quite live up to the way we wish life was. I like to write escapism, so I create a place we'd all like to live.

What about you? Have you thought to create a story world? What's yours like?

I won't have computer access today, so chime in and have fun discussing your stories. I'll try to check in later. :)



  1. Missy,
    I need to read C.L.'s book. I think setting is my worst writing aspect. It doesn't come naturally to me.
    I have to consistently think of it and make sure I let people know where they are. You do a great job with your small towns.

  2. In the planned sequel to my Scottish Medieval, "Promised Blessings", I've created the hidden "Village of Misfits". The real name is the Village of Braigh named after the nearby Braigh Castle. This is a village where people with disabilities and unique oddities have congregated together after being outcast, victimized and rejected by society. Some are blind, deaf, dwarfs, giants, slow-minded, etc. My planned title is "Secret Blessings".

    My hero is deaf and my heroine has a seizure disorder in honor of my daughter. And of course, they both try to hide their disability from each other as long as possible. But when the village is threatened by an outside evil, they must rely on their faith and their combined abilities to overcome it.

  3. Lindi, you do a great job with setting! Don't sell yourself short.

    Jennifer, I love the idea for your sequel!! What great internal conflict.