Wednesday, October 29, 2008


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I've been studying gems for my book, Insanity Rules.

The research has drawn me into a fascination with all the differences.

Did you know people actually drink ruby water? There's a claim that it cures stomach trouble.

And when you heat stones like tourmalines, they polarize?

There's even a stone that's mined for use in nuclear reactors!

I look at rocks in a completely different light. (Oh, and some glow in the dark while others can help you look at the sun.)

I get surprised now and then. I get surprised by the gems I find hidden in the research. The parallels hidden in God's creation that He put there to show us His wisdom.

Looking at the examples I gave you, what parallels can you draw that would show God's wisdom to you?



  1. Angie, I love doing research. I almost always end up going on tangents! So fun to find one thing that leads to another. And coming from a science background, I'm sure I would be fascinated with all the stuff you're doing right now!


  2. Ang, the whole we are the vine, he is the Father scenario shows God's wisdom to me. He keeps us just as the keeper keeps the vine...that analogy really makes clear the love and caring God has for us.

  3. That's too deep a question for me at the moment, but I love the analogy idea. My daughter collects rocks. I like crystals and prisms because it reminds me of God's love shining through us. Okay, maybe it wasn't too deep.