Wednesday, October 8, 2008

HAVAH: The Story of EVE by Tosca Lee

Here's an exciting thing for the F.A.I.T.H. Girls (okay, for me)...Tosca Lee's new novel, Havah, comes out on October 10th.

So in honor of that most excellent piece of work, I'm going to interview her on the radio!

Here's how to listen in to the interview with Tosca Lee on Oct 9th (that's tomorrow folks.)

Go to: and click to stream the radio show. It'll be Tom Anthony and Angela Breidenbach ON THE AIR with Tosca!It is only about 5-10 minutes long and starts at about 8:40a.m. Mountain Standard. So that means California time is 7:40a.m. and East Coast is 10:40 a.m. How's that for being prepared? You just can't miss it!

You might want to try the link once first, in case you have questions. It's pretty easy though.

Tune in for Tosca, Angie, Tom Anthony IN THE MORNING On FRESH 104.5 FM. (Shameless radio-ese tag.)

If you have to miss the show for any reason, please visit me over at God Uses Broken Vessels for a great blog post interview complete with questions and answers to entertain, inspire and enlighten :-)


  1. How cool, Angie!! And what a gorgeous photo of both of you!


  2. Have fun on the radio show! Great picture! You are both beautiful!