Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Holy Cow (s)!

I spent last weekend at a writer's retreat in the mountains of Montana. My concept of what a retreat should be and what happened are two totally different things. this...that's what I thought...

I had in mind the kind of retreat that Mindy talked about yesterday. Peace, lots of writing, and no interruptions.

But that is definitely not what happened.

The log cabin was very remote. A totally perfect setting including an outhouse, lol.

But we ended up with lots of company, holy cow, lots!

We were very creative. I bought a car charger for my laptop and my friend's mom brought up a gas generator for evenings. Since I'm a writer who works on her laptop versus writing by hand first, this was a huge help!

We roughed it. No showers for 3 days. If you know me at all, that's like never happened! We were also invaded by thousands of flies. I mean thousands. I spent hours becoming Queen of the Fly Swatter while two of the other ladies hoofed it back to town for fly tape and spray.

In the end, I didn't write as much as I thought I would. But my writer friends really rallied to help. We spent late, late nights by the light of lanterns and the generator reordering the chapters in my book, Insanity Rules.

I think the most valuable thing that came out of the retreat for me wasn't the amount written but the amount of encouragement I received when reading chapters out loud.

It was magic. Pure magic. Okay, and the Mukka Latte' maker I bought for home worked really well on the wood stove too!

Especially when the Scottish Highland Cattle managed to NOT step on the jug of skim milk stuffed in the snowbank by the creek. I needed it for my latte's along with the chocolate syrup you can see directly under his (or her) hoof. :-)

I look forward to another one as soon as I can go. BUT! I like the beach, electricity and someone else doing the cooking and cleaning ideas :-)



  1. okay girl,
    you are hanging out in snow and I'm driving with the top down on the convertible. I can't believe you are in snow.
    The retreat sounds like something you wouldn't want to miss. Full of surprises, snow, cows and encouragement and inspiration.

  2. Oh Wow, Angie. You were just two steps away from being in a tent and totally roughing it! It looks beautiful up there, though. And I've got to say I've never seen Scottish Cattle, so you once again have given me a good education!

    I hope your next retreat will be more productive(writing wise)

  3. LOL! Great photos, Angie! Too funny.

    I'm with LIndi, though. Snow??!! We've been finally having fall-like weather in the 60's and low 70's. :) But I think it was last week it got back up in the 80's.