Monday, October 6, 2008

What A Ride!!!

I think enough time has passed that I can now post about the roller coaster. Yes, the roller coaster. The one that kicked my b________!!

Okay, so I love roller coasters. I was excited to ride the one at the Mall of American when the F.A.I.T.H. girls were in Minnesota at the ACFW conference. Well, Missy, Angie and I were the three on the roller coaster mission. We were determined to get that ride in.

After the booksigning we took our tickets and went to stand in line. It's at this point I realize that it goes upside down. I'm not a big fan of upside down roller coasters. I like the ones that stay horizontal, go up and down and around, horizontally. Not vertically, not doing loopdy-loops.

But I think what can it hurt? It'll be okay. We were laughing in line, having fun, talking. I also timed the ride so when I got on I could start the countdown. When it started I shut my eyes and didn't open them until it was over.

Then we got off, retreived our purses and bags from the locker we rented, got on the bus, went back to the hotel where I immediately went to the room and laid down on the bed. I couldn't move without feeling like I was about to lose all my lunch. And I had to be ready for the awards dinner in two hours.

So.....I did what any late forty-something women would in this situation, called my 23 year old daughter to complain then fell asleep. But at least I felt better for the dinner.

So how about you? Like roller coasters? Have any interesting roller coaster stories? We'd love to hear them.


  1. OMG. I have a funny story. Oh, by the way, I do NOT do roller coasters.

    I used to skate (inline speed skating) and one year I represented Qwest (they once sponsored the Olympic speed skating team). Anyway, I was decked out in my blue Qwest outfit with five or six others. We were skating around the state fair here in Arizona...well, part of the publicity was to get on some rides...SKATES AND ALL! Yeah...I know....

    So, I refused many times stating they wouldn't like the publicity I got them by barfing on their nice uniforms....Yeah, that didn't work. I was dragged on. I made it but felt horrible the rest of the day.

    What sadist invented those things anyway?? **wink wink**

  2. Lynn, how funny!! I'm trying to picture you in those skates. Blue uniform with your face all green. :)

    I had a BALL on the roller coaster!! But it scared the daylights out of me while we went down the first hill. It was straight down!! I was so afraid the bars would give way and I'd hurtle to my death. Then once I saw that I had lived through that first drop-off, I grinned and screamed through the rest of it. I was laughing at the guy next to me who screamed like a girl the whole way. :)


  3. Okay, I'm one of the ones who drug poor Lindi on the roller coaster. I'm a roller coaster fiend. I LOVE them!!! I wasn't afraid, I was having intense adrenaline rushes and laughing so hard my eyes watered in the wind. However, this is the very first roller coaster that ate my lunch. I actually felt ill for the first time in my life! It was probably all the diet coke before hand, sigh, at least I will hold to that. But I too had to lie down back at the hotel before the dinner. Go figure. Will I go again? LOL, absolutely! I love spinning, twisting, adrenaline rides. I'm a sucker for amusement parks :-D