Saturday, October 18, 2008

"I'm a Fire Extinguisher" - Poem

Last week I posted about writing poetry and confessed that I'm not the only writer in our household. My husband is a talented poet, at least I think so. He finally gave me permission to post this poem he wrote several years ago. Dwayne owns a fire safety company, and he was inspired one day to write this poem.

I'm A Fire Extinguisher
by Dwayne Taylor

I'm a fire extinguisher perched here on my hook,
Hanging here in front of your eyes, yet you don't look.
All day you pass me by, though you don't care,
but one day you'll need me, but I won't be there.

Sometimes people notice me, because I'm in their way,
It seems someone needs a door left open to stay.
So they pull me down from where I rest,
with all my weight, I happen to work best.

It doesn't really matter, at least I'm some use,
I could sure use a break from all the abuse.
People banging into me as if I wasn't there,
Someday they'll need me, then they'll care.

Here they come running, yet they seem lost,
Trying to find me at all cost.
Here I am shining so bright, held by my band,
Now it's too late, the fire's way out of hand.

Screaming and running, heading right for the door,
Everyone passing me by, as before.
'Til one of the remaining few comes running out,
And says, "It was here all along!
The fire extinguisher should have been
something we all knew about."


  1. Thanks for sharing, Jenn (and Dwayne!).

    I used to keep a journal when I was young where I wrote poetry. But I'm afraid it's lost. Maybe someday I'll find it stored away.

    Also, my daughter won a poetry contest this past year! We were so proud of her.

  2. Jenn,
    Writing runs in the family. Your girl might just decide she'll do it too.
    Very interesting view from the fire extinguisher (sp). You know the poem is true. He knows that of which he speaks!! Very clever and cute! ( I guess you can use the word cute when describing a man's poem!)