Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Ruby Slippers , a chat, and a spot of tea

I recently had a lot of fun getting to know author/apologist, Jonalyn Grace Fincher. Here's a little bit different interview to help you get to know her. I think it's perfect because curling up with her new book,
Ruby Slippers: How the soul of a woman brings her home
(from Zondervan), and a cup of tea is the perfect way to honor your femininity. And that is what her book explores.

I like her writing style. Jonalyn uses great analogies and real life examples to show the differences in our male/female responses as well as our cultural issues. I loved the story of the redeemed wedding dress!

Here's one question that really made me pause: Do you think you will interact with God in heaven as a woman or as an androgynous soul?

Eeerk. Really made me think.

Hmm, I'm also thinking it's time for a cup of tea and a quiet time for the woman in me...--join me in a chat with Jonalyn.

Angie: Hey, I noticed your Peter Pan quote on the email signature line, it's so cute! (For those of you who haven't had the opportunity..."Do you want an adventure now or shall we have our tea first?"- Peter Pan.
I happen to be a tea drinker too.

Jonalyn: I’m glad to find another tea lover…. Herbal or black or white?

Angie: All of the above. Especially the flowering teas:-) I also love Jet Tea. Oooh la la.

Jonalyn: Ooooh, Jet Tea, never had it. Can you describe?

Angie: heh heh out, jet tea is seriously addicting. It's real fresh fruit syrup with a green tea base blended with ice. Strawberry, mango, peach, apple, berry, banana...whatever you can imagine. I create my own by mixing the strawberry bomb with the mango madness. {Angie's eyes roll back in her head in glee.}

Jonalyn: Oh dear, sounds scrumptious and addicting. Where do you buy these ingredients?

Angie: This is a great link :-) Reasonable price too. Jet Tea.Hey Jonalyn, I just got your book. On a glimpse through, it looks really good. So I'm going to post some info here about it and also over on my own blog at God Uses Broken Vessels tomorrow.

Now for you folks following along, lest you think this is a commercial for Jet Tea (which it isn't), you have to know just how into research we writers are. We just get curious about almost everything. And women, well, we are such curious souls!

Flowering Teas are also really cool. They add such a sense of charm. Here's a picture of one I have at home.

Ruby Slippers: How the soul of a woman brings her home

Jonalyn Grace Fincher
author - apologist

More at Jonalyn's website:


  1. This sounds like a very interesting book and one I need to read. Men and womens responses to things are so different sometimes. Thanks for sharing!

    I love sweet, iced tea - a Southern tradition - but I am venturing away from the world of coffee into the world of tea. So far I love green tea, sweetened with a little honey. I haven't tried black tea or white tea. Do you ladies sweeten it with milk, honey, sugar?

  2. And Christy, who was it turned you on to tea? :-)

    Jet tea sounds interesting, though I'm not usually one for sweetening my tea. Tazo Zen is my current fave.

  3. The book sounds great! I'll be sure to check it out.

    Angie, your flowering tea is gorgeous!

    I do coffee everyday. But I do love tea sometimes in the winter. We have a wonderful store at the mall called Teavana. I love their teas! My favorite types are the oolong and rooibos. You can go in the store and have them blend the leaves and fruits/flowers together. So yummy! Two blends I have that I love:
    1. Caribbean breeze and rooibos peach.
    2. rooibos oasis and jasmine dragon phoenix pearls.

    Oh, and they sell rock cane sugar (looks like rock candy). :) That's what I use to sweeten.

    By the way, they do have a website. :) teavana [dot] com

  4. Missy, I have a reference to Teavana in my ms, just not by name. Very neat store. Tea lovers should check out their website sometime.

  5. Angela, this sounds great! And yes, I think in heaven we retain our gender -- this is, after all, one definition of who we are. Heaven is more, not less.

    I love tea, but definitely unsweetened. The flower tea is gorgeous!

  6. Sounds interesting! Great approach to your interview.