Friday, October 3, 2008

The things we do for beauty....

This picture won't do these little beauties justice.

These shoes are petite, strappy and beaded with tiny sequins. They were made for you ladies who have a nice narrow foot.

When I tried them on in the store, they felt OK. Yesterday morning I put them on while I was dressing for work - just to walk around and get them broken in for this weekend - and owwwwww!!!! You would've thought my foot had been in some kind of torturous press!

But I can't take them back to the store. Even though I had to buy a whole size up from what I normally wear - it's bad enough when this happens to your pants, suits and dresses, but those shoes are supposed to stay the same!!! - And despite all of this emotional and physical stress, I like these shoes!

So I figured out what I needed to do...

I found a pair of socks that are thick, but not too...

Now I don't intend to wear THIS to the banquet!
But this is how I plan to be all day walking around the house.

What have you done to feel pretty?
Have you gone to an extreme?

And who are we doing it for, really?

The dessert banquet I'm going to will only last a few hours - and my husband won't even be present. I guess I'm going to play dress up, as most every woman likes to do. We hate the heels, we hate the pantyhose and we may hate the way the dress rides up where it's not supposed to... but we'll wear them all, paste a smile on our face and just bear whatever we have to and get through the evening.

For writers: Have you put your characters through anything like this lately? This is the stuff that brings them to life, because we can all relate in one way or another.

For readers or moviegoers: Think of a character that stuck with you long after you put the book down or walked away from the theater. What was it about him or her that you can't seem to forget?


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  1. Girl, you need a shoe stretcher. It's the wide-footed girl's best friend. So long as the shoes are leather, that is.

    I LOVE any excuse to get dressed up, and I LOVE heels. They gotta be comfy though. No that's not an oximoron. Heels can be comfortable. Hose are another story. Won't wear them unless I need a layer of warmth in the winter.

    As for my characters, I have to put them through torture. They get pinched and squeezed at every turn. Except in their case it's called conflict.

  2. The shoes look beautiful...sorry they hurt.

    I, on the other hand, do NOT like to dress up. I know, I'm a freak, it's ok, you can say it.

    I can't wear heals (foot/knee issues) for more than an hour or two at the most, otherwise I'm out for the count for two days. I'm blessed to work from home so I'm in flip flops all day while I sit at my desk working.

    I often wish for a nice pair of heels that wouldn't hurt me when I do have to dress up....but that's a whole 'nother story, right?

    As for characters? My writing...yeah, I have a plain jane, surprise, surprise, right? Flip flops and jeans. LOL

  3. BTW Christy, I think you should wear those socks with your dress. Very sexy :-P

  4. Oh I hear you!!! I love heels...but I absolutely CANNOT walk in them. You should see some of the ones we sell at work...jewel encrusted straps that will surely make your feet bleed while simultaneously holding them at a nearly 90-degree angle...but we wear them anyway, and do other crazy things to ourselves. Once, I rolled all the windows down on my 25-minute drive to school, just so my hair wouldn't be flat. It was probably about 40 degrees outside. You can imagine how that felt. :) Nice blog! I enjoyed reading.

  5. Oh, Christy, that picture of you with the socks on cracked me up!!! I can just imagine you going around the house working like that. :)

    Lynn, I'm with you. I want comfortable. I rarely wear heels. The photo a while back from the ACFW conference is about as high as I go. Those are actually pretty comfortable. Don't hurt unless I stand for a long time. I even danced in them some this past weekend. :)

    Joanne, I love gorgeous shoes like that--with jewels and such! But I could never wear them. I just admire them on other people. I tried on Lindi's gorgeous shoes this past weekend before the banquet and felt so glamorous! But I wouldn't have lasted 5 mintues in them! LOL

    Thanks for stopping by, ladies!