Monday, October 13, 2008

The Waiting Game

Are you ready spiritually?

That's what I feel like I've been asked by God. He's given me a book idea. But's it a subject that is touchy and I didn't ever plan on writing "this" book, but I think God has other plans. And trust me, I've disobeyed God before and it's not a good feeling. It's a horrible one.

So in this whole big, bad world of writing books and trying to get pubished and getting published, when we're doing this for God he has a plan. One we don't always understand or even realize at times, but it's His plan. I don't think God would place a situation or idea or a story on someone's heart unless He's feels that person can handle it--emotionally or spiritually.
Now I don't necessarily see it the same way God does. I was rationalizing in the last part of the previous paragraph. I feel in no way shape or form to do the story or subject justice. But I"m going to write the story He gave me and pray my way through it.

Have you ever had God place something on your heart? A story? One that you never planned on writing or didn't want to write? Or what has been your hardest writing situation so far?


  1. I have decided that the stories God lays on my heart usually deal with things He wants to teach me. Whatever the spiritual lesson is in the story is one that He's teaching me at the same time. Sounds like you need to get ready to learn, Lindi :-)

  2. Mindy, I agree! And I hadn't really noticed it so much until lately. Every time I talk plot on my new book with Lindi, she'll start talking about lessons my characters seem to be learning. And I've realized they're lessons I'm always dealing with. :)

    Also, I had a story idea I truly felt God gave me. (well, I think He gives them all to me.) I always pray for ideas when I'm stuck! :)

    The book LIndi is talking about is truly going to be tough to write. But I know she's up to it. You can do it, Lindi!


  3. Mindy,
    YOu're right. Learning!! But learning can be fun. I want to really do what God has for me to do.

  4. Missy,
    I love brainstorming books with you. Now that's fun. And as long as our characters are learning so are we.