Monday, October 27, 2008

Weekend Review Because......

well, frankly, my brain is postless. Yes postless. I have nothing of value or worth to put in this space today. Not that my brain is emtpy---now no pot shots about's just the opposite. I'm working on three books, I have an issue at my job and with just plain life added in it's crowded in there!
Wait, you say, just let something out!! That might be a post.
Trust me, you don't want to hear the boring things I"m hoarding in there. This is supposed to be a fun, uplifting blog. Not a boring one.

So this is what we are doing today. I know one of the F.A.I.T.H. girls went to visit her son at college. I know one of the F.A.I.T.H. girls went on a retreat. Not sure what the rest of them did. But we'll find out.

F.A.I.T.H. girls and readers---what did you do this weekend? You don't have to do a whole recap unless you want to. But was there something simple that was special? Did you see God anywhere this weekend? In your weather, an event, something that you did for somebody? or maybe they did for you?

I'll start us off. Check out the comments page to see how everyone's weekend shaped up! (And see where God showed up!)


  1. Okay, here goes. Weddings are in the air again. My girl is the maid of honor in a wedding in March so we did the bridesmaids dress thing again this weekend. The bride picked a beautiful dress for the girls to wear. Fun!
    Then my dh and I went to the NASCAR race in the Atlanta area yesterday. Always fun hanging around friends. And Angie guess what....we got a little sunburnt because it was hot---not snowing!!
    Cuz Wendy----hot--not snowing!! Move south ladies!
    I saw God in my beautiful girl as she hung around friends...she's so gracious and fun...she adds a spark to life---
    And God gave us a wonderful day to be outside yesterday.

  2. I had an incredible day yesterday! After church Miles & I went to see Olivia at the hospital. Olivia is a spunky 4 year old who has had 3 brain surgeries in 2 weeks. I saw & felt God in her room as soon as I walked in. An angel moved over so I could give her hugs & kisses. What a blessed feeling of peace to see her resting. She spoke for the first time in several days - dada & mama so Angie & Joe got very teary-eyed. My beautiful baby still has another surgery plus chemo & radiation but she is a fighter. I know God will get her through this and has wonderful things waiting for her. I'm so blessed!

  3. Auntie Jill,
    My best to your friends........
    As far as my weekend ? I don't think I saw God, but I sure prayed to him that I wouldnt be shot after while trying to be nice doing leaves and mowing I threw a rock threw the window of the Volvo !!! My streak of luck continues !!!! My best to you all, thanks for your prayers.

    Cuz Wendy

  4. Thats through too !

  5. Jill, I'll be thinking about your friend's baby! What a blessing to have surgeries and treatments that we have today.

    Hi, Wendy! I'm still laughing at your breaking that window! Sorry to laugh, but I can't help it. :) I can just imagine your horror. LOL

    I just got back from a wonderful weekend with my son!!! So exciting to see him after 2 months. Definitely saw God there. Especially in the chapel with the gorgeous music. I'll be blogging on it later this week after I get my proposal mailed in. (It's due Thursday!)

  6. Mother,
    I'm glad Livvie is doing better! What a trooper. We are praying for her.

  7. Wendy,
    What are you doing mowing? Shouldn't you be shoveling? Just kidding. You know the first time I used Lenny's riding mower I hit a rock and broke the blade. It was a brand new mower.

  8. Missy,
    I'm glad you had a good visit. Us moms need those!! We like the hugs, too!!

  9. We had a swim meet and Celina lowered her times by 2 seconds on the freestyle and 4 seconds on the backstroke. We took her to see "High School Musical 3" as a reward. I saw God in the blessings all around us--just being together and having each other--even being able to go to a movie.

  10. My sweet hubby did a Half Iron Man triathlon! I watched the entire event, it was soooo much fun. He's a bit sore today, but who wouldn't be after swimming 1 mile, biking 56 miles, then running 13.1 miles. YIKES, my knees hurt just recapping it.

  11. Jenn,
    Congrats to Celina! And how did you like HSM3? Is it all the rage???

  12. Lynn, I big high five to your hubby. Wow! Like you my whole body hurts reading your recap. Biking 5 miles then running over 13??? That's insane!! But I"m glad he enjoys least I hope he does!

  13. Cuz,

    We were mowing to mulch up the leaves, the snow is supposed to start tonight, 3" followed by more on Wednesday...........wah, wah, wah........ and I havent broke a blade yet, but in 3 years Ive burnt up 2 belts !!!! I think the solution is that the men mow !

  14. Cuz,
    I agree. I don't mow anymore since we've moved to this house. Lenny does it. Of course there's a whole lot less here to mow than there....

    the temp here this morning is really cold...low thirties...Lenny had to bring in the plants because there is a freeze warning.

  15. You know, a while back I prayed for a little slower schedule. Life whizzed by and-- whoomfp!

    I had a personal day. No real interruptions. I had the joy of writing all by myself for several hours.

    I found God on Saturday. I found him answering my prayer. He gave me a little time, just for me, a little slower day.


  16. Ang,
    God showed up in a BIG way for you, huh? Time to yourself? Slow????
    Well, that's one word I've never heard in a sentence for Ang B.!

  17. Lynn, your husband is amazing! I can't imagine a triathalon. A woman who used to be in my Bible study does them, too. Amazing.

    Angie, how great that you had a writing day!!!!!!!! I had a big chunk of time and Tuesday and wrote for almost 17 hours!! :)


  18. Missy!! 17 hours. That's amazing...I bet you were loving it!

    And I agree with you about Lynn's is amazing...