Saturday, October 25, 2008

Writing Addiction

I just finished revisions on one book and I'm taking a break before I start the requested revisions on another. You know what? I've learned to write while eating, watching TV, in the doctor's office, at work on my lunch hour, while traveling, and multi-tasking a number of things, and I've discovered I don't know what to do if I'm not writing.

I'm like a fish out of water. Oh, that's a cliche. I'm like a an octopus on dry land. It's like something is missing if I'm watching TV and I don't have a laptop in front of me or my AlphaSmart. I can't rest from writing for all the writing withdrawals. When a person is used to a non-stop schedule like me with no breaks, how does one rest?

One the other hand, I'm forcing myself to take this much needed break because I know I need it.

Okay, I confess, this week I did write two pages of a new scene on my book. My writing addiction got the better of me and I couldn't help it. My husband and I brainstormed on the opening scene and I had to get it down before I forgot it.

In the meantime, I'm trying to rest my eyes and spend less time on the computer. I've been having problems with my eyes hurting since the summer. I've been in and out of the ophthalmologist office and they keep telling me it's allergies. So while I was at the doctor's office getting my allergy shots yesterday, I whined about it. I'm starting a third round of prescription eye drops. Please pray this will do the trick.

Also, while I take this break, I'm trying to spend more time with God and I'm praying for wisdom in how better to arrange my schedule. Since my daughter started a new school and a new swim schedule, it has thrown my schedule out of whack. I can't exercise in the mornings like I used to before work. This is really starting to get to me.

I can't exercise at night because once I get pumped and my adrenaline flowing, I'll be up half the night. I struggle to get enough sleep as it is. My husband says my brain never sleeps. I always have a story churning. I think he's right. Isn't that a good thing?


  1. Yes, Jenn, I think having a story churching is a good thing. And like you, I can't exercise at does keep me awake. I love to sit in front of the TV with the laptop...but lately I've made myself keep the laptop in the office...I think my hubby thought it was permanently attached to my lap!! I'd be in the bed, on the couch, wherever....and like you I always have a story churning...

  2. Sounds like we are kindred spirits--as Anne of Green Gables would say.

  3. My kids have grown to resent my laptop, I think! And my hubby doesn't like it much better. Sometimes I'll detect a hint of the fact they're feeling neglected, so I'll close it and give them my full attention. But then I've still got stories floating around in my head. :)

    I do get to the point where I just have to shut everything down. My brain gets tired and I'll read or watch TV. It's a nice break.