Saturday, November 8, 2008

ClearPlay DVD

This isn't about writing, but about something I wanted to share with other Christians.

The ClearPlay DVD Player

Have you heard of it?

I'm sick and tired of Hollywood ruining perfectly good movies with unnecessary curse words that take my Lord's name in vain. Ridiculous nudity, sex and violence that could leave something to the imagination. We get the picture without having to see the all of it.

I'm also tired of renting or paying for a PG movie at the theatre only to discover it should have been PG-13. Everyone seems to be in agreement about children not seeing these inappropriate things, but people look at me strangely when I say I don't want to see them. They look at me like--"Come on, you're a grown woman. Get over it."

I am grown. I know what it's all about. And I have gotten over it. That's why I don't need it.

I want my movies to be like my books. Clean, but realistic enough to get the point across without having to expose everything. Give me emotion and characters I want to identify with and care about so I can cheer them on it their goals, quests and deliverance. The villains can still play their role without all the horror. I can witness a murder without it being a bloodbath. I can know a woman was raped without having to see it. I can know someone is angry without them using every bad word in modern language. The easy way out is to just show it. Hollywood gets lazy in their creativity. I want to see some creativity around how to avoid showing it all. Remember, families are a HUGE money-making market.

This week my husband bought the ClearPlay DVD and we love it! You can set it to take out anything you want or to leave it as is. It is adjustable to what your individual level of tolerance might be. We watched a movie last night and although I could tell where it omitted bad words and bad scenes, it didn't take away from the movie and we knew exactly what was going on. We could still feel the emotion and cheer for the characters as we were meant to do. (And it also proved our point, the junk wasn't needed in the movie.)

Hollywood tried to block this ClearPlay DVD from being produced and tied the company up in an unnecessary court battle, but legislation approved it and the protection of families won. I hope the company that produced this product will sell many of these DVDs and Hollywood will get the point. I wanted to share the word.

Learn more about it here:


  1. Great info, Jenn. I'm definitely checking that out.

  2. I've never heard of this! I'm interested to know how it takes out those negative parts. How obvious is it... I'll check it out. Thanks!

  3. Wow, Jenn. I've never heard of this! Thanks for sharing.

  4. You all should try it, especially if you have children. We enjoyed a few movies we wouldn't have otherwise ventured to see this weekend and I loved it.