Monday, November 10, 2008

I'm Still In The Mood To.............

F.A.I.T.H. girl Jenn's sale to Abingdon Press!!! This is such an exciting time for Jenn. I know she's probably going through a barage of emotions from being thrilled to wondering how everything is going to go. I know I would be. I hope Jenn doesn't mind me saying she sold the book on her birthday and she already had a weekend trip with her family planned for the mountains. So Jenn really got to celebrate with the people that are close to her. I can imagine her weekend was a lot of fun.

Knowing Jenn though, she wasn't taking any of the credit for this fabulous time in her life. She was giving glory to God. Jenn's faith is such an important part of who she is. She has her testimony on her website. She also posted part of it when she announced her sale.

So, as I said earlier Jenn celebrated with her family. Now we'd like to hear how you like to celebrate. What would be your ideal celebration? Disney? (Hey Cuz!) A nice dinner? New bling? We'd love to hear how you celebrate!!

PS---I have my own celebration today. My son turns 22 today. Happy day, Alex!


  1. I love a good celebration. When I get THE CALL I think I would like my dh to take me out to a nice dinner. A good celebration has to have food.

    If Cuz is reading this I want to tell you all she can put on a celebration. Food, decorations...I've never seen anything like it.
    Maybe she can give us some tips.

  2. Congrats in your first sale, Jenn. How exciting. And yes, CELEBRATE. Give God all the glory as you celebrate the talet HE has given you.

    I'm so happy for you.

  3. Thank you, Lynn!

    I always thought we'd go to a dinner somewhere, but a weekend in the mountains in a log cabin was even better! Like Lindi said, our weekend mountain trip was already planned, but we had something more to celebrate than our birthdays.

  4. I love to go out to eat, too. :)

    When I first sold, my hubby brought home flowers and a card from him and a "congrats" balloon from the kids.

    Now when I make a sale, I get on the phone and start calling everyone! I don't think it'll every get to where I don't celebrate. :)

    Lindi, thanks for helping us celebrate Jenn a little longer. :)


  5. Lynn,
    Jenn has worked so hard for this. We all are thrilled for her.

  6. Jenn,
    Maybe you can still get your hubby to take you out for a nice dinner. It's worth the try!

  7. Missy---I like your idea--keep on celebrating. A sale, no matter if it's the first or number fifty deserves to be celebrated.