Friday, November 14, 2008

Medical Questions, Facebook, and Finding Christ

Christy here.
Whoa. Those are some big topics, eh?

I want to report that setting a goal for this month, blogging wise, has helped me know exactly what I am going to post no matter what. As you all know, I am participating in NANOWRIMO. I promised in previous weeks that I would share my progress no matter what. Well, my progress stinks!

At the end of Chapter 5 of my WIP, I decided a key character will have an illness. Where I come up with these things, I do not know. Well, I've been avoiding the story all week. I had 2 good excuses for not writing at work on Monday and Tuesday. There were other things I had to do, or I just didn't take a lunch break. Wednesday, I worked from home - which means you're busier than you are at work - so I worked through lunch and no writing time. Did I mention my toddler wakes up when I do and she also goes to bed with me? This equals plenty of time with my little darling, but no writing time! AHHHHH!

Anyway, I could give you an excuse for why the sky is blue, but it all boils down to the same thing. I have been procrastinating. Chapter 6 could be a great chapter. I won't know until I get my fanny in gear and write it!

I mentioned Facebook. Good ole Facebook. Well, I'm addicted. Really. I need to quit. ITS TAKING UP ALL MY WRITING TIME, BUT I LOVE IT!!!!

All the FAITH girls are on it... except, AHEM! Mindy! Maybe Mrs. Obenhaus will find the time to sign up and join in the fun. She needs something else to do besides baking all the pumpkin bread she baked last weekend. Hey... where's my loaf?

And onto the most important thing I wanted to share with you... I finally found Christ. If I could now, link you to my blog, I'd like to share my testimony. But because it's somewhat personal, I'd like to invite you to my living room - so to speak - on my blog: At Split Ends.


  1. OH! I love FaceBook! It IS addicting, isn't it? I've met so many fun people through FB.

    I just popped over to your testimony. Thanks for sharing that.

  2. Christy, I'll sign up on Facebook as soon as you call and walk me through it :-P

    As for writing, yeah it's never as much when it gets hard. And research, to me, is always hard. I'm always afraid I might miss something. Being detail oriented drives me crazy sometimes.

    About committing you life to Christ . . . I can guarantee you'll never have a better Friend. But you already know that. He'll never leave you and He's always ready to listen and carry your burdens.

  3. I find you on Kim's birthday and the same day you announce you up coming baptisim. The Lord called me several weeks back through a friend named Chris to start attending Bible study. I had made promise after promise to myself that I was going to go back I felt it was time I felt things were calling me there. I like you was not willing to walk in church again alone. I don't know why but it is very scary to do anything alone much less knowing something is about to change in your life when you walk through that door again or else why would he be pulling so hard at your heart to do so?
    I was lucky my friend Chris went with me the first two times back but then to my horror she called me. I can't stay for lecture after class Terri the morning of the class you will have to go alone. I made all the polite ok that is ok no problem I understand comments and hung up . I immediately went into panic mode as I hung up the phone. I can't do this I can't but I continued to prepare to go to class as I panicked.
    I wish I could tell you I walked through those doors that day alone but I can't.
    I did not go I made excuses to myself but he knew I was only making excuses.
    Well next Tuesday arrives and the dreaded message on my awnsering machine . I sat and prepared myself to hear the excuses as to why Chris could not go with me again but it didn't come she was able to go with me we would do lunch all free and clear. I was so excited I immediatley called her back. I heard her begin to tell me how after she called me her plans had changed if I wanted to really wanted to she would go to Church later but really she had errands to run and wasn't sure I would want to spend the whole day with her running them. I knew of course the polite thing to say and I did and hung up. I was so hurt why get me to this point and dump me so.
    I cried to Mike who comforted me knowing my feelings were hurt yet again. He said Terri don't go if this is going to stress you this much don't continue to attend these classes.
    Well Christy I agreed with him feeling betrayed yet again by someone I thought was my friend. I felt as if Chris had made a promise to get at least one person to attend Bible Study having done that she had no need for my companionship any longer.
    So I did not do my lesson that night I have such a busy schedule I really do with three small Grand children to help care . Jimmy being a single father working raising two children on his own going back to get his degree no secound parent since he has custody of his children , Michelle she works everyday comes by in the morning drops off Christopher to get ready for school. I have Alyssa and Bo at 5:30 am and Christopher all three to get ready eat pack lunches and drive to and from school.
    Do you see where I am going with this?
    I was preparing my excuses for the next day on why I was not going to Bible Study.
    Well the next day Wed arrived I was sitting at he computer downloading pictures on Facebook as requested by Kim. I was looking at he clock until the to late to go signal clicked past me.
    I no way can go today I am to busy! I have so much to do first this then that then it never ends and then I heard myself say.
    Terri if you are to busy for God how can you expect him to not be to busy for you?
    Slowly I began to get up I don't have my study done I did not go to lecture . My nails are a mess
    then again it went through my head if you expept God to make time for you ????
    So I ran in to my class all disheavled unprepared nails a mess ( ha ha) and I made it through class and made it through the lecture that day.
    The next Wed I vowed I would again give God some of my percious time and I made it through class then grabbed my next weeks assignment made up a Dr's appt and ran.
    Whew there you go God I gave you sometime you Welcome!
    Well then my I picked up my Granddaughter my beautiful Alyssa Marie. She makes honor roll is such a great child and we expect so much from her and Bo and Christopher. Her daddy working and going to college fighting a five year Custody battle had finally finished College Graduating in the top three and finally he had his 4.0 gade average. No small feet for a 5 year old Christopher has finally topped the chart and can put his underwear on forward stopping those horrible times at the bathroom in school, you know when you wait until the last minute and run then quickly pull down your pant to find horror of all horrors you underwear are on backwards!
    Yes they had all done everything that was asked of them.
    Well Alyssa seeing my Bible says Grandma did you do your lesson for this week?
    No Alyssa I was so busy I havne't even read my verses. I have no time and now I am rushing to do dinner and I have to go get Bo.
    Well little Bit ( Alyssa) picked up my Bible and began to read to me my lesson for the week. Passover
    Grandma she asked as she read did the babies go to heaven?
    I said what are you talking about? What Babies go to heaven?
    She looked so sad and confused and I realized I haven't really been listening to her . I sat down beside her and she read me the vs again about the first born sons of the Egyptians being killed in Passover. Did they go to Heaven she said ? We began to read to try to find her an awnser and I could find none to satifsy her or me for that matter.
    I said Alyssa I can't find the awnser . I she said as plain as day believe they went to heaven because God would not be so cruel to take a new born child even an animal and they didn't do anything wrong and not let them come to Heaven with him.
    I was truely stumped because I believe that as well myself but I can't say so for fact find a verse and quote it?
    Then I asked her if she knew what Passover was because something was saying Terri you must explain to her God's works.
    We sat together and read the Passover . I had flood of feelings as we did this because my PaPa my Dad's father had as a small Child always sat and read his Bible to me his favorite vs underlined over and over.
    I took the time and sat there and she got the full understanding of Passover and why and what happened
    and we made it to pick up Bo .
    I had found time?
    Well the next morning as I was packing the lunches I heard Alyssa ask her brother if her knew what Passover was. Sort of hey Bo you know what Passover is?
    Yea Bo yells
    What is it she said demanding to know his explanation?
    You go to chuck they put that white yucky bread on you tongue and you drink coolaid he yelled from his Playstation 3.
    Then there was dead silence as I listened.
    Alyssa said it is more than that Bo.
    No it isn't he replied be quiet I am tyring to score a touchdown!
    Well your lucky she said because if it wssn't for Passover you would be dead right now!

    Yep silence

    I saw Bo enter the Kitchen
    Alyssa what are you talking about he demanded to know.
    Then she said well your dads first born son and if we weren't a Christian Family you would be dead. I would be fine but you Bo would be dead.
    She had his full attention by then,
    as I packed the lunches I listened to my 10 year old Granddaughter tell my 11 yr old Grandson the story of Passover the blood aroundt the doors and windows she showed him using my front door.
    Then she said but like the lambs who had to be perfect and cared for and fed before their blood was put on the doors . The babies God took the boys they were all perfect and cared for and fed so I know they went to Heaven.
    Why am I telling you this well because I was told to do so. I still don't know why.
    We have a shattered family but we came from Good God fearing people.
    I learned about God from both of my Grandmothers and my Aunts and my PaPa in Tennessee. They made time to tell me.
    When I heard Alyssa telling Bo it hit me . I know why
    It is my job to pass on the teaching as my family had to my family to my wonderful Grandkids.
    Just as it was Moses job to pass it on the first time to the people God choose for him to teach.
    If we do not pass on his words and his good works they will die with our generation.
    I was being lax in my resonsibility and allowing what I am meant to teach them for someone else to do.
    I am not great I am not powerful I am humble.
    But I am a believer and I love God Jesus and my family all of them. I have a great connection to children. I have many lifes experiences to learn from and teach from.
    I was humbled and hope to stay that way this time.
    You are a strong wonderful beautiful woman and our future lies in your hands and that of our children. I am so proud of you and I so love your rebirth giving me such a confirmation that I am on the right road one I haven't actively followed for sometime.
    Take care and Thank you
    I have to go get the kids now from school.
    Aunt Terri

  4. Wow..............

  5. Terri, thank you so much for sharing your beautiful story. I can hardly see the screen from the tears. You've really touched me, and reminded me about sharing more with my own children, about not assuming they'll get it at Sunday school.

    Thank you so much for posting.


  6. Christy,
    THank you for sharing your story. Your testimony was touching and so real. Thank you.

  7. Terri,

    Thank you for your post. It is truly amazing how God works. Your grandchildren sound are blessed.

  8. Terri,
    I appreciate your finding our group blog and your endearing post!
    I'm excited to hear from you and will email you privately.

    Always remember to put God first.
    even if you read one scripture a day, you will be amazed at the difference it makes in your day.

  9. I am the lucky one for having found you on facebook and all of you and this site. I look forward to reading it everyday as I do your blogs . I am blessed