Saturday, November 15, 2008

More ACFW Conference Photos!

I know. It's now November and I'm just now getting around to downloading my photos from the 2008 ACFW Conference in Minneapolis. But, I have a good reason--and Lindi was there to vouch for me. I dropped my camera in the Mall of America and broke it during the author signing. Good timing, huh?

Good news. My photos were saved on a chip and I thought I was going to have to buy an adaptor to download them off the chip, but since I have one of those new classy desktops, the chip fit right into my computer. No adaptor necessary. I just had to get around to trying it out. And that had to be after I finished a few revisions on one of my manuscripts. With writers, everything seems to happen around us finishing a manuscript.

So here you go and enjoy!

This is a group of us on Wednesday night at Olive Garden. At the front right you can see Christy LaShea Smith, Amy Wallac beside her. I'm next. Lena Nelson Dooley is on the left across from me. I can't see the others further back. Maybe the F.A.I.T.H. ladies can help me out.

Above: Hartline Literary Agent Tamelan Hancock Murry and Angie Breidenbach.

Above: Another photo of our pillow fight.

Left to Right:

Jennifer Hudson Taylor, Mindy Obenhaus, Christy LaShea Smith, Lindi Peterson, Missy Tippens and in the center Angie Breidenbach.

Mall of America (left to right):

Jennifer Hudson Taylor, Lisa Buffaloe, Mindy Obenhaus, Lynn

Author Janet Dean at the Mal of America Book signing.

Author Julie Lessman at the Mall of America booksigning.

And our very own, Author Missy Tippens.


  1. Jenn, don't feel bad! I just uploaded mine last week. :)

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Jenn,
    Thanks for sharing the pics. And don't feel bad. I still haven't uploaded mine yet.

  3. It's fun to relive those exciting days at the acfw conference and Mall of America book signing. Thanks for the trip down memory lane, Jennifer!