Friday, November 7, 2008

NANOWRIMO Week 1 - I've been busy...

Christy here: I'm participating in NANOWRIMO... for several reasons...

I've been trying to finish this story for a coon's age. (I don't know exactly how long a coon's age is, but I can tell you it feels like an eternity.)
I hoped getting on this program and having a deadline set by someone other than me would help me plow through the wall that I've put up. I haven't been able to break down this wall for two years.

You've heard me whine. Heard me complain. Probably sensed some tears. I know you heard the laptop hit the wall a few times.

I'm over my tantrums.

I know it's ok to write cow poop. I know I can go back and revise later and make the writing as pretty as a congealed salad.

What I've done, but I'm worried that this may be considered "cheating" at NANOWRIMO headquarters, is I've worked actively through my first four chapters. I've worked with my crit partners and have revised with their comments and added what I hope is more motivation of my characters - something I found I lacked. I have increased my word count. I'm almost at 10% of the 50000 word goal.

But now I am at chapter 5. UH! This is my first pot hole! I've been brainstorming what needs to come next. I think I've got a good idea. But is it really? So that's where I'm at now. Chapter five will be a new chapter to write. My goal is to be at chapter ten when I come back to blog about my progress next week. That would put me at the halfway point in my book.

In addition to writing that I have accomplished, I thought I'd share three more things that have happened this week.

****Due to the fact I want to start writing at work and taking a notebook simply hasn't motivated me enough, I went in search of a new laptop bag. I needed one that wasn't too heavy when I put the essentials in with it. Vera Bradley had a sweet one for $38.
I went to check it out at my local Hallmark store and found this grand beauty instead. However, it didn't cost $38. Never mind! I had to have it!

It's fun, it's fresh, it's big enough to carry my laptop and a couple of other things, and I hope I'll actually get some work done on my novel while at work.

****At church on Sunday evening I learned something new. Alexa is a teenager I've gotten to know and think of as a really sweet young lady. She told me she heard I'd finished a book. I told her I'd finished two - and it is the truth! - I didn't have the chance to put in they both sucked! and that I was revising one of those right now. I felt that was too much to go into in the buffet line. I was excited that I'd found a fellow writer and told her I was writing when I was her age. I encouraged her to read voraciously and I hope that we'll get to talk more on the subject soon.

So I went home and told Billy about it. Billy's my hubby for anyone just coming in on my latest saga. Here's a picture. Awww. Isn't that sweet. He is a sweetie...
The next day, I'm asking Billy a question, which pertains to my current story. He does what he normally does and looks at me real funny. Asks me where do I come up with this stuff - Then he gets serious and says, "Why don't you write a children's book?" I of course twitch and shrug and "Uh!" which means I don't want to!!! "No," he says, "I mean for teenagers. There's nothing out there for them." I, of course, argue that there is. The conversation goes on to include JK Rowling's success, etc. I kind of shuck his great idea away, however all week, while I've been trying to finish brainstorming for Chapter 5, I've thought about Billy's idea. He's been right on a lot of things before. His track record there is about 99 wins out of 100, if we were being really literal. So YA may be something I'll look into. Lord knows I have plenty of young adult cousins to bounce ideas off of and have them read my stuff to see if it sounds like something a teen would say nowadays. What am I talking about? I haven't even started the book yet!

So that was my week. And it's been busy. Let's hope this upcoming week helps me reach my goal.

Chapter TEN - Here I come!!!


  1. Well, girl, this is your week. You can do it.
    I think it's great you can be an inspiration to a younger writer at your church. That is so exciting to hear of young people wanting to write books.
    And your hubby said the same thing mine did when I told him about my latest and greatest (ha!) story idea. "How do you think of these things?"
    The pic of your hubby and girl is sweet.
    Have a great writing weekend.

  2. Keep up the good work. You're moving along just fine. Progress is progress.

    As for Billy, you just never know who God might use to plant ideas in our heads :-)

  3. You can do it, Christy. I know you can. I love that pic of your two sweeties.

    Honestly, I'm running right on that track with you. Chapter 5 always seems hard. So just right until the Spirit takes over. You might trash chapter 5 and move 6 into 5's place in the future, but you've at least moved past the roadblock. Think of it like that game Tetras. One funny shaped block moves into place as another is sliding down from the top...and you, the player, get to move the blocks around at will.


  4. Christy- I don't know what the nano...whatever is, but go for it! You know I'm in support. I'll read I've said before.

    I'm write with you (pun intended!) on the roadblock. I wrote a poem this week and couldn't bring myself to look at my current story. All I can say is, "Write whatever is in your heart." There's my trite saying for this week. You know you've accomplished something when you can come up with trite nothings! (I hope that made you laugh- I'm just shaking my head.)

  5. You can do it, Christy! I always hit a wall at chapter 5. And sometimes it's even Ch.4. I love those first 3 chapters, and then a big turning point. But after that, I get stuck. As Angie said, just work on through it. You're doing great!

    Love the bag!!!


  6. Keep going, Christy. Something will come to you if you just keep going.

  7. You guys are all AWESOME!!!

    Thanks for your support!!!

    Write ON!!