Friday, November 21, 2008


Picture courtesy of PenHero.

Did I ever mention to you that I was once the only Weight Watchers member to gain weight during a session? That I didn't lose one pound?

Yes, during those weeks of battling the bulge and diligently counting points,
each time I'd weigh in, I was the only one who gained. I was supposed to eat only 21 points (or some ridiculous amount close to that) and of course I was eating 42 points. This was on the old program. I know it's changed some what. And I'm not bagging Weight Watchers. They're great. Their guidelines gear you toward getting healthy and I still need to be geared in that direction...

I'm just a bulldog against rules. Give me a rule and although I smile and act like I'm all for it, I manage to go in the opposite direction. The plan for Weight Watchers is to lose weight, but I managed to gain.

NANOWRIMO is designed to write a book in a month, but I manage to NOT write.

ARRRGGHHHH!!!! How many of you knew this would happen to me?

Well, I did manage to start Chapter 6. It's bad, but started. I wrote a page this week. And I heard Stephanie Bond's words from conference "If you write a page a day, you can have a book in a year." So true.

Fear holds us back. Fear of rejection. Fear of success.

Afraid of success? Seriously?

I think so. If you succeed. If someone buys your book, you'll have to keep producing. What if no more ideas come? What if the books you've written in the past aren't what your editor wants? What if you don't sell enough?

Gosh, considering all of the above, maybe it's better to stay unpublished...

Um, NO.

Though I may be held up by fear, even when I don't realize it, I can find comfort in one thing: The Word.

In Psalms, David wrote:
The Lord is my light and my salvation--
so why should I be afraid?
Psalm 27:1 NLT

Take that with you this week and remember that verse in everything you face.
Whether your writing, taking on a new responsibility at work, or dealing with whatever makes you uncomfortable remember "The Lord is my light and my salvation --- so why should I be afraid?"

The NANOWRIMO goal is 50,000 words. I'm at 12,495. Think I can pull together 37,505 words in this upcoming holiday week?


  1. Ahhhh, you're a rule nemesis. **wink**

    I'm such a rule person. In my job, It's pretty rule bound (surprise, surprise, right?). BUT, there are gray areas as well. I have such a hard time with those. My boss has to tell me when I need to be more flexible about the rules.

    Yeah, I'm that bad. But, he understands and just tells me when I need to chill. It's a good relationship, cuz for the most part, rules are good.

    BUT, then it comes to writing. Some can be blurred, so it's a learning process to me, that's for sure.

    Hang in there. I believe you can do 37K in a holiday week/weekend. I've done it I know you can. Just don't set any rules about it. LOL

  2. I like this post. It reminds me of me.
    ANd like Lynn said you can do a lot in a holiday week. 37500 is not impossible.

  3. I'm a big rule follower, too. But when it comes to food, it's different! Christy, I think I gained weight on WW once too!! Just tell me I can't eat something, and then I'll start craving it and finding excuses why I need it. :)

    Keep up the good work on your pages!! You can do it.

  4. Lynn,

    The funny thing is, I can follow rules at work. Maybe because I know my job depends on it. Now be it anything in my life and I'm like a scatterbrain. Literally!

  5. Lindi, Missy,
    I'm glad I'm not alone in the rule breaking, especially LOL on the weight watchers.

  6. Thank you for the encouragement ladies!!!!

  7. Great post! I too struggle with my writing at times. I have never attempted NANOWRIMO, but I would probably be in your shoes if I did. As it is, I have been procrastinating a much smaller project for two weeks. Nows the time. I must get to it. You too! I hope you make your goal.

  8. Elizabeth, thanks for stopping by! Good luck on your project!


  9. Well, Weight Watchers is on the right track, but I understand how the points can be daunting. I track my points daily. Sometimes I blow it daily. I get 19 when I'm losing. Thank goodness for the extra 35 Weekly points or it would be pretty tough. But I do the same thing with writing by counting my words daily. And when I blow it, I am really hard on myself just like I am with my nutrition. Through Weight Watchers, I've learned to forgive myself of that slip up and just get back on track at the next meal. So I think we should do that with our writing too. Forgive ourselves and get back on track the next day.

    I think being held accountable is a huge issue with day jobs. It is one of those things that works for weight loss and writing too.

    You can do it, Christy. But since I'm only just past 15,000 words, I'm going to get back on track right now. Don't wait for the holiday weekend. Consider the broken moments in the day as your writing "mealtime" and get back on track. Who knows? You might be further ahead than you expect and that 37,500 will have dwindled down by quite a few thousand.

    Okay, going to get back on track myself :-)