Saturday, November 22, 2008


I'm trying to overcome the habit of being a chronic complainer about my day job. Over the last six months I've gotten better. I'm not cured, mind you, but better at complaining less. I don't think God appreciates me whining about an answer to prayer and a blessing He gave me--even if my feelings for the place where I work have begun to change. I love my job and what I do--I just want to be left alone to do it in peace.

I like to manage myself, not be managed. I'm an introvert, so I prefer to deal with people when I'm ready. In fact, I love email! I despise office politics, brown nosers, tattle tails, gossipers, people who always stir up trouble and those who always want to know my personal business. That's what it's like working in an office. It's pretty much been that way everywhere I've worked.

So I guess being a full-time author and writing at home would suit me quite well, but right now, God has other plans. This past month, I've had three co-workers approach me privately and request prayer. I'm not sure what that means, but it did remind me that sometimes God has us in a place for someone else--not necessarily for ourselves. He can use us anywhere as long as we allow it.

I could have kept quiet about my faith, but I didn't. I have scriptures taped to my monitor and computer. I have a crystal paperweight made in a cross. I pray a silent prayer before I eat lunch. I talk about my faith when it feels appropriate. I don't try to convert people and preach to them. I use God's word to try and inspire others and to help them see things in a different way. I hope and pray I'm being the witness God has called me to be while I'm there.

I want to be home writing, but God has a spiritual assignment for me, right where I am. When I remember the true reasons why I'm there, I feel honored and abundantly blessed. So I'll continue to pray and work on overcoming this desire to complain about my day job.


  1. Jenn, it does sound like God is using you where you are. So hang in there and wait. Maybe He'll have other plans for you later.

    That said, there sure is something nice about working in your jammies! So maybe we should be praying that God hurries that along for you. :)


  2. Jenn,
    Just know you are not alone. But you are obediant...and God has a plan for you.

  3. Thanks for the reminder that sometimes we are there for someone else.

  4. Believe me, Missy, I'm praying! I can't seem to get on God's time frame no matter how hard I try. Thanks for the encouragement.

  5. Lindi,

    I know. Thanks for the reminder. You hang in there too. God has a better plan for both of us. I'm reminded that the Bible says that obedience is better than sacrifice so I try to remind myself of that.

  6. Angie,

    God has to remind me all the time, that it isn't all about me. We get so caught up in ourselves and the life around us sometimes, that we forget about the needs of others--especially those we don't know or mere acquaintances. God has to keep reminding me of these things.