Saturday, November 29, 2008

A Refreshing

Sometimes writers need a refreshing few days to recharge their minds, bodies and spirits. Spending time with our families, trying new things and gaining vast experiences gives us ideas and fresh material we can use in our fiction. We have to live if we are going to write about lives. We need to be exposed to many types of people if we are going to write about unique characters. We need to experience emotion if we are going to be able to show how our characters are feeling.

What are some ways you best refresh your mind? Even if you aren't a writer, feel free to share some ways you are able to best unwind and renew your thought patterns.


  1. I refresh by reading. I love to escape to fictional worlds. I also refresh by having time alone. Just plain ol' peace and quiet.

    Another biggie for me to refresh is to stay away from the Internet and email. It felt great over Thanksgiving to have no Internet access! Of course, I tried. But my mom and dad's dial-up wasn't working. Kind of... refreshing! :)


  2. I'm with Missy. Reading and peace and quiet..I love quiet.