Thursday, November 13, 2008

Visit with a Steeple Hill Editor today!

Missy here. I'm doing something different today because I don't want you to miss a great opportunity. I'll be posting a link to another group blog I'm on where we have Steeple Hill editor Melissa Endlich as our guest today. Come on over to read her interview and to chat with her. She'll be in and out through the day to answer questions. And even if you're not targeting Steeple Hill, I think it'll still be very informational.

But before you go, I'd love for you to share with us what manuscript or article submissions you have out right now. Or even share with us any recent rejections or contest feedback. You have to be submitting to make the sale! So believe it or not, rejections are a good sign (and part of the business even after you sell). So.... what do you have floating out there with agents and editors? And if you're not a writer, then please tell us what you're reading right now. :)

The Melissa Endlich post:


  1. Come on, y'all! Tell us what you've submitted or what you're reading! :)


  2. Hi Missy. I have some news....

    Light of Truth is my novel. It's the first of a trilogy about Shelby Daniels (you can read about it on my blog if you like). Anyway, I got THE BEST NEWS last week. Light of Truth finalled in its first contest! Yep, I'm stoked. Fiction from the Heartland Contest. I found out last week and now it's on to the final round and results will be in January.

    OH, and I got the BEST REJECTION LETTER: I was politely rejected in the first few sentences, but the one that caught my eye was "...In fact, the editors agree that you're a talented writer...."

    So yes, I didn't WIN a contest and I got REJECTED but I'm still on cloud nine.

    All in God's timing and great wisdom

  3. Woo hoo, Lynn!!!!!! That's excellent news!! And you may yet win that contest!! :) But honestly, finalling is usually the biggest thing, because then the editor gets to see it--the whole point of entering if you ask me.

    And that's a great rejection! My first ones were form letters, a terrible thing to receive! So you've already moved ahead a step by getting a personalized one. Yay!