Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Back to Work

Ah yes, it was a lovely Christmas. But now it's back to reality. I allowed myself a hiatus from writing but, effective today, that hiatus is over. It's back to plotting and plodding. Brainstorming and conflict. Nose to the grindstone.

How do you throw yourself back in the saddle again after a break from writing? Are you usually pumped and ready to go, or do you have a hard time getting back into the story?


  1. I'm usually really pumped. I took a break from writing new stories in December. Mostly focused on editing. I mind mapped a story I'm gonna start in January, so I'm pumped to get it going.

    So, WRITE ON, SISTA!!! Have fun.

  2. LOL, Mindy. I loved you said ploDDing! LOL That's how I so often feel.

    It's hard for me to get going again after a break. But once I do, I really enjoy it. So force yourself to get started, and before you know it, you'll be getting aggravated at interruptions. :)

    Plus, like Lynn said, a new story is really fun to run with!

    Sometimes to get going, I sit down and write the opening of the story. I love that part. Then I stop to work more on characters and plotting.


  3. Great thoughts and ideas, ladies. Thanks.