Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas Caroling

(Thank you Operation Letter to Santa for this beautiful picture)

This Christmas will be a Christmas of firsts for me. Wednesday night, I piled into the church van and accompanied a few church members to a couple of assisted living homes and a nursing home. We sang Christmas Carols, only spending a few minutes at each place. The ages of we carolers ranged from a few of the Senior adults, to the a few 40 somethings, to me and a girl I went to high school with - 30-somethings, and two little boys about 10, wearing their Santa hats. Though I didn't have a hymnal or song pages in front of me, I knew most of the songs. When I forgot a few lines, I tried to just mouth my way through it -except one little lady at the assisted living home was on to me - I was sure of it ;)

However much I blundered the lines of Christmas songs I should know by heart, I really received a blessing, being a part of this simple but very fun opportunity.

The next function I'll be participating in is our Christmas Cantata. Missy wrote about their Cantata yesterday, but I think our church is on a much smaller scale! We'll be singing to recorded music and this will be my first time singing with the choir. I love to sing, although I don't think I sing very well, but it will be fun being on stage and singing about Christ. (The Drama Queen in me is emerging once again!)

Are you participating in something with your community or church? I'd love to read about what our FAITH readers are up to this season!

Now, I'm off to the mall for some last minute Christmas shopping!!!!


  1. I"m sure you are a great singer!! Don't I remember you posting something about that?

    Our church is in E.L.F. training. Everyday Loving Freely. Our pastor made up bags with a task on them. In the bags are cards asking that you come to the gazebo Christmas Eve. Whatever your task is you do it for someone then you pass the bag along and hopefully that person will do it for someone else. Then we are meeting at the gazebo in Canton on Christmas Eve to share our E.L.F. stories. It's just a way of getting out in the community letting people know that God does love them.

  2. Lindi, I love the ELF idea!!

    Christy, I'm sure you sing beautifully! And we've done recorded music before, too. What we're doing this year is hire some student musicians from The University of GA to add to a few of our own members to form a very small orchestra (drums, bass, 2 trumpets, 2 trombones, a flute, oboe, clarinet.) It's just enough background music (along with the organ and another keyboard that plays the string parts) to really add. So it's not anything huge. But we love to do it!!

    I hope your cantata goes well!