Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Surprises

Sorry about last week. Like Jenn's post said on Saturday, it's getting a little crazy. We weren't home last weekend during non-sleeping hours at all. I feel like I haven't been able to catch up all week. Of course this time of the year we all do things we don't normally do.

These are my things:

Shopping during the week: Okay, I'm not a shopper. Would much rather be at home, so normally on a Tuesday or Thursday night I'm not going out shopping.

Attending more than one party during a weekend: Yeah, this is not normal for me. I like going to parties, and I like hostessing them. But usually this happens in moderation.

Spending two full evenings wrapping presents: Well, this is a given. No one during the year spends evenings wrapping presents. And normally at Christmas it doesn't take me that long, but this year is different. I'm doing my own bows and using only red/white/silver papers. Everything is color coordinated and this is so not me. But since the giving is a little less this year I thought I'd jazz what we do have up with fun packaging. Here is a photo of some of the presents.

This has been the funnest (I know that's not a word, but I like to use it) part. For some crazy reason I have enjoyed spending hours wrapping and making bows and coordinating the papers so one person doesn't get the same wrapping twice. I even made boxes for the girls (our 3 daughters and our son's girlfriend) that I've wrapped the lids and bottoms seperatley and they are filled with fun little surprises.

They can just lift the lids and see what's inside. And they have the box to take home and use another time if they want.

So what about you? Is there anything that you've especially enjoyed doing this year that normally doesn't have you smiling? We'd love to hear what has surprised you this year.

Merry Christmas to all!!!!!


  1. Well, if all those presents is considered less this year, then I can't imagine previous years!! (And you would think my tree is pitiful! LOL)

    Of course, at our house, Santa doesn't wrap gifts. He sets them all around the tree to be discovered as soon as the kids come out. So I guess there's actually a little more than what we see wrapped up. :)

    I'm awful. I use almost all gift bags now! And the only things wrapped so far are those my daughter has wrapped! She loves to do it. I never have enjoyed it. My dad always did it in our household.

    After seeing your pretty bows, I'm feeling guilty!


  2. You have to remember we have eight kids to buy for (our 4 and their spouses--well, 3 spouses and Alex's girl!) And the two grand kiddies...
    But the bow thing started with the wedding. I learned to make bows for the wedding, and had some left over. I ended up using them on some of the presents.

    We used to put Santa stuff out without was always fun to see their faces when they spied the goodies!! I kind of miss that wonder of it all.

  3. Great wrapping ideas, Lindi. I've managed to stay on top of my wrapping this year so I am actually enjoying it. Like you, I want them all color coordinated. Next year I may consider assigning each person their own wrapping paper (and only I will know the code :-). That way I won't have to deal with gift tags. Don't know. It's another whole year between now and then. Knowing me, I'll probably forget I had the idea.