Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Traditions

Good morning! Lindi isn't able to get Internet access to put up a post, so she asked me to start a discussion on Christmas traditions. We'd love to hear yours!!

I love to tell about my family's tradition of going out to eat on Christmas Eve before the candle light service. The service was pretty late at night, and we had a hard time finding any restaurant that was open. Finally, we found that our local Pizza Hut was open just late enough. So every year, we'd go out for pizza, then head to church!

Then we'd get home and my parents would let us open one gift. Sometimes they'd pick which one. Other times, they let us pick. I loved when I could do the picking! LOL

So what about you? Any wonderful family traditions? Or if not, are you planning to start one this year?



  1. HI! Oh, I love Christmas. As a kid, we'd have a super big meal on Christmas Eve, then we'd open all our presents and play cards all night long. Then, early the next morning, I'd scamper down to the Christmas tree to see what Santa left in my stocking.

    It was great fun.

    Now, me and my sweet hubby go to Christmas Eve service, then cook a big meal on Christmas day and open a present or two (we don't do tons of gifts...just a couple little things) and spend the day together. It's great fun.

  2. Lynn, I love that you got to open each other's gifts on the eve, then got Santa the next day. That would have been perfect!! I don't know why my parents never thought of that! :)

    Thanks for sharing. I love hearing what other families do.


  3. We open presents with my spouse's family on Christmas Eve. Then on Christmas morning the three of us open together. Later around lunch we head to my parents and open with them.

    One tradition is a special fruit salad that my grandmother started and her pineapple cake. I miss her so much during Christmas!