Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Elf Cometh

Meet Dexter, the Obenhaus resident elf. He lives at the North Pole for much of the year, making all those toys. But if he's a good little elf and works diligently throughout the year, Santa grants him permission to come and spend the Christmas season with my sons.

Today is when Dexter is scheduled to arrive. My youngest son is so looking forward to it. Knowing the holiday season was in full swing, my son sat himself down at the table, without being asked or told, and wrote the sweetest, most legible, letter I have ever seen him compose. In it, he politely asked if Dexter could come and stay with us again. He was motivated. By tradition, decorations, and simply the want-to.

Which leads me to the question (admit it, you were wondering how this was going to tie into writing), what motivates/inspires you to write? Is it just because it's what you do, or is it because of a driving force within you?

I've started a series on my personal blog called the 25 Days of Christmas. While this series may not be writing related, I will have inspiration of all sorts for the Christmas season. From decorating, to recipes, to entertaining, and traditions. Come on over and join the fun!


  1. Hmmmm, what motivates or inspires me to write....That could be a long answer, but in a nutshell...It brings me closer to God.

    For real. When I write, I feel like I'm using HIS talents and since I'm writing fun books about faith, hope, purity, redemption, I feel like I'm honoring him.

    So, I think that's the main thing that motivates/inspires me.

  2. I have an inner drive, which I believe is God given. It's what kept me going through rejection and terrible contest results. It's what wouldn't let me give up. And it's what keeps me going now even when things seem hard sometimes.

    Maybe I need a little elf to sit around and remind me! :)

    I bet your house looks gorgeous, Mindy. You should share a photo. We bought our tree yesterday evening, but it's still bare.


  3. Mindy,
    Like your son, something I have a passion about motivates me to write. You know it's way inside of you and it has to get out.

  4. How cute! We have a little blue elf. One Christmas, he fell out of Santa's sleigh when it crashed in our yard. Presents were everywhere in the snow and the kids had to go help Santa get them out of trees and snowbanks. The elf stayed behind and comes out every Christmas to remind us of that funny year we had to help Santa deliver his presents.

    And the drive inside me is so much a part of me that I'll pick up pens and start writing anywhere. I have been known to write in the dark at large auditoriums during seminars that have nothing to do with writing. I've been known to write while driving, in a line at the grocery store, pretty much where ever the need strikes. It's in my DNA. I just had to learn how to put the natural talent to work in a practical way much like an Olympic athlete. They have the talent so they get coached on technique.

  5. You all are definitely a motivated bunch. I guess writers have to be. Otherwise we'd have given up a long time ago.

    Thanks for sharing.

  6. How true, Mindy! I'm so motivated and focused, that sometimes my hubby and daughter has to pull me out of my little make-believe-world to join them.

    I love the idea of what you're doing on your blog.

  7. Listening to music used to inspire me, but recently, I've been inspired by a lonely man I pass on the road many mornings. He's walking by himself, always alone, and is a regular in the community. He's someone people say you should stay away from, but I wonder what if...

    Hadn't started that story yet, but its brewing.

    I don't take ideas from real life, but I know they are major influences in the stories I write about.